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Louise Gluck is an American poet born in Long Island, New York, in 1943. Gluck is considered to be one of America's most talented contemporary poets. She has published many books including Firstborn (1968), The House on the Marchland (1975), Descending Figure (1980), The Triumph of Achilles (1985), Ararat (1990), and the Pulitzer Prize-winning The Wild Iris (1992). Her writing has been known to take readers on an inner journey by taking them into their deepest feelings and exploring their most intimate feelings. She has a strong ability to write poetry that people can relate to, understand, and have a sense of adventure and experience while reading her pieces. Gluck's writing has been known to be about disappointment, rejection, loss, and isolation. These can make her work seem "dark" or "bleak" although her work is never described as dull or uninteresting. Her work has been recognized by many people and reviews such as American Poetry Review, New York Times Book Review, Los Angeles Times Book Review, and many more who all spoke highly of her poetry.



Louise Gluck's poem are dark and have a mysterious essence to them. In her poem Matins she writes about how she wishes for a better life and for her life to change but it never does and never will. For example, she writes "I'm looking for courage, for some evidence my life will change, though it takes forever," which indicates that she is trying to change but has to accept that change will never happen and she must deal with who she is and what she has as a person. In the first couple lines, she writes that she is "pretending to be weeding" which means that to the outside world she wants them to see her as normal and without flaw but she later explains that she is not who she wants to be and wishes to change. Some elements she uses in her poems are alliterations, enjambment, metaphor, and simile. An example of an alliteration is in line 5; "clumps of clover". Both words start with the same letters and make the same sounds. A metaphor that was used in this poem is "checking each clump for a symbolic leaf," in line 8 and 9. This metaphor means that she is hoping that something she has will stand out as good or positive to her. A simile that she used in her poem is "As empty now as the first note," in which she is comparing



In my poem I tried to base it off the same techniques and structure that Louie Gluck uses. Something I have noticed about Gluck's structure is that she writes in one large stanza and does not indent. I incorporated that in my own piece. The most challenging part was to write about something that was dark and out of my comfortable zone. The topic I chose to write about is fear which I have experience with and presumed that other people could relate too as well. In my writing I used the same techniques such as a metaphor and simile. One of the similes I used is in line 17; "As cold as the ocean." which is describing how it makes me feel and to give other people an exaggerated perspective on what I feel. A metaphor that I used in my writing is; "Butterflies gator in my stomach," in line 22. The message I was trying to say is that it makes my stomach and body feel anxious when dealing with fear.



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