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Cung Le

Lochlyn Munro

Sunny Singh

Asha Annais

Rajat Bedi

Dakota House


Seeking revenge, a young woman turns on the government agency responsible for the death of her parents and the theft of her childhood.

The Story

Seeking revenge, Valetika Romanoff flees a group of mercenaries as she tracks down a high-profile banker believed to be behind the Replecan Program. Her Replecan implant allows her to access technology at lightning speed. Now she must learn to control it before it fully controls her.

Valetika Synopsis

Valetika Romanoff, has been implanted with a nano device that is slowly evolving altering her RNA and enhancing her sensory abilities. It has created the worlds first bio-computer. It allows for lightening speed wireless access to any technology on the planet.

The chip was introduced when she was captured as part of the Replecan Program, a thought to be defunct black ops program that had been re-initialized turning sleeper agents into programmed killers. Whilst hiding out in the mountains and awaiting the return of Special Agent Elise Carter, Valetika is attacked by a group of mercenaries. She enlists her bio-computer affectionatly named 'QUE' for counter-measures together with her extensive combat and tactical training to evade capture and neutralize the threat.

Against the repeated warnings from Agent Carter, Valetika decides to exact revenge and hunt down those responsible for her abduction and the death of both her parents. Deputy Director Sinclair and Deputy Director Stone of MI6 and MI5 together with agent Emsworth at GCHQ London, attempt to prevent their heavily fire-walled servers from being hacked.

The breach results in highly sensitive material being accessed and downloaded. Agent Carter arranges for Dreydon, a hired hand to locate her whereabouts and bring her to safety. After running cross-checks at GCHQ, it is uncovered that the breach is from a remote Finland station and was accessed by Agent Carter. Agent Emsworth believes that he can locate Valetika using sophisticated tracking software and he is ordered to rendezvous with Valetika. Valetika captures Max Holderman and is able to extract crucial information.

Valetika is befriended by a homeless man whom she names Checkpoint. She finds the first human connection since her troubled childhood. She accepts Checkpoints offer of help, when she identifies an extremely dangerous assassin on her trail by the name of Thadmus, who has been sent to kill her. When Checkpoint is shot by a gang of thugs Valetika goes on a blind rampage.

Genre: Live-Action / Thriller

Project lenght: 92 mins

Target Audience: Male 14 -45 - Female 16 -43

Rating: R 14+

Langues: English

Status: Pre-Production

Cast: Cung Le* Rajet Bedi* Sunny Singh* Simon Kook*

Production: Infraction Media Inc.

Director: Suza Singh

The Vision

Valetika is a Canadian content production and is the sequel to Replecan, which is currently available in over 60 countries worldwide, including Amazon Prime UK, Prime USA and Amazon English speaking countries, and eight online streaming services. We have a team that includes Hollywood, Bollywood, Pollywod, Emmy Nominated composers, Award winning musicians. International Martial Artists and Action fighters who are all excited about this film. Valetika truly embraces a rich and diverse cast.

The vision is to build a studio style production company working with actors alongside martial arts fight actors. We are able to react to new challenges like a small boutique studio but still develop upcoming talent alongside established stars.

LOI's for all actors below.

The Action

Fight action will be designed by Cung Le, an experience and successful fight actor and fight choreographer.

Stylized similar to Jason Bourne and 'The Long Kiss Goodnight' the documentary style shooting with keep viewers on th edge of their seats. Along with the quick wit and one liners Valetika will keep audiences engaged.

Limited theatrical release in North America and Vietnam. Secondary roll-out will be to streaming services throughout the world.

Cung Le

As Boone

Cung Le is a World Class Martial Arts Fighter, a stunt choreographer, a writer and Action Actor. He has starred in many major movies such as 'Puncture Wounds', 'Dragon Eyes', 'The Man With the Iron Fists', 'Pandorum' and Oscar-nominated 'The Grandmaster'. He has worked with Antonio Banderas , Scott Adkins, Sylvester Stallone to name a few. He is a world-class fighter has graced the covers of many major martial arts publications such as Inside Kung Fu, Black Belt, Martial Arts Illustrated; and has made headlines and appearances in numerous main-stream outlets all over the world. Cung Le's latest high-profile project was coaching and mentoring fighters on the reality T.V. show: 'The Ultimate Fighter: China' and preparing them for the March 1st match in Macao where the winner earned a six-figure U.F.C. contract.

Fight choreographer on feature film "Puncture Wound"

2012 Action Fest "Rising Star Award"

Feature film Dragon Eyes "Best Action Scene"

Coach on the Hong Kong reality Show "The Contender"

Host for the new reality show Bodyguard Wars (2019)

Cung has been featured on the covers of several of the most renowned martial arts publications in the world, including Inside Kung Fu, Black Belt, Martial Arts Illustrated.

2008 Fight of the Year Bazzie Award vs. Frank Shamrock.

Black Belt Magazine "Fighter of The Year"

Cung has also captivated his audience with many appearances on ESPN and ESPN2 StrikeForce events as well and Pay-Per-View K-1 USA Grand Pre Kickboxing Championship.

Lochlyn Munro

As 'The Surgeon'

Lochlyn Munro has a career that spans over thirty years. He has appeared in some of the most memorable films such as Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven (1992). He has gone on to show tremendous range throughout his acting career by creating memorable characters in such films as A Night at the Roxbury (1998), and Scary Movie (2000), he appeared on Riverside as Hal Cooper.

Sunny Singh

As Dreydon

Sunny Singh is an International Martial Artist, Bollywood Canadian action star. He is three time gold medalist in TaeKwonDo, World Police Games. He has appeared in Canadian, Hollywood, Bollywood and Pollywood films. He has 5 black belts in various martial arts.

Awarded Presidential Award in USA in 1998 and 2016

Awarded recognition Award by Premiere Jason Kenny, Calgary Alberta.

Awarded Celebrity of the year award 2018.

Awarded National Gaurav Award, India.

asha annais

As Valetika

Asha Annais is an award winning actor and martial artist based in Calgary Canada. She has was nominated for best female rising action star at the 2018 and received best actor award in 2017 at the MIC awards. She was nominated for best rising actor for Replecan which she bagan at the age of 15 years old. She has appeared in magazines and articles across the world since she was around seven years old.

Awarded Best Actor award MIC award 2016

Nominated best female rising action star Action on Film 2018

Rajat Bedi

Max Holderman

Rajat Bedi is an Indo-Canadian film actor, television producer, entrepreneur and stuntman who primarily appears in Bollywood films. Known for his role as Raj Saxena in the film Koi... Mil Gaya, Bedi has worked over 40 films, including Rakht, Khamoshh... Khauff Ki Raat and Rocky - The Rebel

dakota house

As Royal

Dakota House is an Indigenous Actor, Writer, Director and youth Activist who has a successful career in numerous movies and television productions. With over 15 years of sobriety, Dakota strives to motivate, lead, empower our youth to succeed from coast to coast.

Best known for his role as Tee Vee Tenia on the CBC Series “North of 60”, Dakota has starred in numerous feature films and made numerous guest star appearances in shows such as Heartland and the X- Files. Dakota is a dedicated father with over a decade of sobriety and his background in Martial Arts. Dakota prides himself on being a strong role model for youth. For over two decades he has devoted much of his time to educating youth on motivation, self- esteem and making positive choices.

Simon kook

As Thadmus

Simon is a leading martial arts actor in Thailand, he is known for his amazing elevator fight with Donnie Yen in the classic Martial Art movie IP Man featuring Mike Tyson. Simon is both a martial artist and a fight choreographer. Simon has a large following in Thailand.

Shaun Barrowes

Music for the film Valetika will be composed by Emmy-Nominated Prodcuers and former American Idol Shaun Barrowes whose work includes; Jackie Chan's Green Tour msuic, theme song forDrop Dead Diva, the very sucessful "Live For Music Tour", Sountrack for the feature film "Just Let Go' and numerous other creddits.


Grammy winner Brian Yaskulka is known for his work on XXX (2002), Two for the Money (2005) and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995). Currently he is working on the Elton John remaster of the classic single "Yellow Brick Road".

Suza Singh

Suza is a Producer, Writer and Director as well as a martial artist. She has competed at National Level and received gold medal in the UK TaeKwonDo Championships in Scotland. She trained at the BBC in the UK and worked many years in corporate video production. She loves action and martial arts movies and works diligently with a few fellow martial artists to imporove her skillsets. She sought out a mentor from the amazing Director Isaac Florentine who directed Undisputed 2: Last Man Standing which strongly influenced the character Valetika. She has produced four feature films including Co-producer of 'Made in Chinatown' starring Vincent Pastore of the Soprano's.

Martial Art Producer of the Year 2018, Venice, Italy.

Martial Art Director 2020, Atlantic City, USA

Nominated best Action Film of the year Action on Film 2018

Nominated Best female filmmaker Action on Film 2020, Las Vegas.

Nominamed Best Soundtrack Action on Film 2020, Las Vegas.

Nominated Best Trailer Urban Action Film 2017, New York

Infraction Media

Infraction Media Inc. is a Calgary based boutique styled production company that specializes in action and Martial Arts movies. Working with Martial Arts fighters they have created their own brand of entertainment.

The production company is inspired by the success of Tyler Perry being able to bring entertainment that appeals to a worldwide audience with a plethora of diversity.


Appocolyptic Action Film
Sci-Fi Action Thriller
Modern day western thriller
Action Comedy
Past Projects


We will take advantage of our musical talent and pre-release the theme song for "Valetika" a few weeks in advance. To be followed by the music video/trailer. This will provide a revenue stream before the project is in the preproduction stage. The song will be released on New Vintage Records and distributed by Sony / Orchard distribution. We will also roll-out a full social media campaign to follow. The whole score of "Valetika" will be a revenue generating vehicle of its own

The Team

Music for the film Valetika will be composed by Emmy-Nominated Producer and former American Idol Shaun Barrowes whose work includes; Jackie Chan's Green Tour music, theme song for Drop Dead Diva, the very successful "Live For Music Tour", Soundtrack for the feature film "Just Let Go' and numerous other credits, On his team is Grammy winner Brian Yaskulka and a team of experienced musicians and engineers.

Mastermind Studios

Peter Cameron-Inglis Producer / Cinematographer

Mastermind Studios has 20,000 square feet of production studio facilities in Kamloops, BC, along with expert staff in development, production, and post-production. Our facilities include a 45 seat screening theatre, training classrooms, a 3000 square foot soundstage, a casting and audition stage, a hair & makeup department, production editing bays, additional recording rooms and offices, a greenroom, a green screen studio and more.

Mastermind Studios also has expertise in pyrotechnics and special effects as well as a 3000 square foot equipment rental department. Currently, Mastermind Studios is working with the BC Film Unions, Vancouver Film School and Capilano University to develop a hybrid industry film school training program for the British Columbia Interior region of BC which is about 3 hours north of Vancouver.

When Mastermind Studios began there were less than 60 people, in the entire Thompson-Nicola region of BC, that were qualified to step onto a union film set. Through Mastermind Studios’ training and certification programs this has now grown to in excess of 400 qualified crew members. The long-term vision is to maintain a local qualified crew base of over 2000 people in the BC Interior.

Peter strives to be a great producer; not only being responsible for the financial and managerial aspects of creating productions (not to mention developing, filming and editing) but also going above and beyond as a teacher, motivator, people pleaser and problem solver.

In the past 10 years Mastermind Studios has produced over 2000 projects that range in size from short commercials to feature length narrative and documentary films. Peter Cameron-Inglis along with Mastermind Studios has served as production company, soundstage, executive producer, producer, line-producer, main unit, and 2nd unit film crew for projects that range in size from our own tight-knit internal crew to casts and crew of over 350 people. Our experience has included live broadcast productions with thousands of attendees, to motion picture productions both on location and on-set inside our own soundstage for many networks including CBC, CTV, Global, Knowledge Network, and Netflix.



Infraction Media