Harn Museum of Art by kunal navani

The work pictured above and below is titled "Islandia, Goddess of the Healing Waters" and it was sculpted by Audrey Flack. The statue itself was about my height and extremely life like. I am unsure if the artist based the work upon her own body or someone else's but the details really show how much effort she put into this. I chose this statue because it felt close to home. I am from the island of Key West which is surrounded by ocean, so that was the first thing that really stuck out, but the second thing that stcuk out was the name, "Goddess of the Healing Waters". This stuck out because anytime something bad would happen to you (a breakup, death of a loved one, etc) it was almost mandatory to go out on the boat with some friends. Being out on the ocean would "heal" you and make you forget the bad things happening to you.
Above is a panorama of the first wing in the Harn, below is a selfie featuring the first wing of the Harn. I particularly enjoyed this wing because of the abundance of space. This abundance of space really helped it feel like the art was not being pushed on you. I could freely walk around and go view the artwork. It also gave the designers the discretion to put the art down wherever they felt like was best.
This piece of art really stuck out to me because I am a big about respect. You treat me with the respect that I deserve and I will treat you with the same respect. I believe that one should respect their bodies and should not have to humiliate themselves to become famous. The artwork fills me with anger because I would assume that in the 21st century that woman wouldn't be made famous because of their bodies. The artwork helped me confirm that I am against the wrongful portraying of Women's bodies.
The artwork above is titled St. Jean's Bay by Leon Kroll. This picture includes everything I want in my life. I want to be surrounded by the people I love and doing the things that I love. I want to have a gigantic house on the water. I want to be located in a good area and love my life and this picture has all that. Looking at the picture the first time, all you'd notice was the house, but as you sit there and look at it you notice all the little things, like the people, and the fishermen, etc. This portrait did an excellent job of conveying everything I wanted. Look at it now I am noticing new details to the picture that make me go, "man, I want that too."


All artwork included in my photo is property of the Harn Museum of Art

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