San Bernardino Shooting By: Nikayla Haynes

In San Bernardino Mrs. Kallis-Weber was involved in a severe terrorist attack. That left her with a paralyzed, broken fragments of her pelvis, and a gouge in her left leg! She will be needing physical therapy to help her body regain knowledge on how to walk and move properly as she did before. Unfortunately her health coverage is being denied due to her work's compensation laws. Later they were confirmed that insurance would absolutely deny all payment that would involve covering her injuries. This was just a problem for her but many of her personal friends who worked in the same work force as her. The reason being due to such an immense amount of casualties, the worker's comp was not designed to cover so many people on company grounds. The company also found out that the Doctors assigned to this case were authorizing medications that were not needed to the victims, causing another reason for the company's insurance avoid payment. The weapon used was an AR-15 assault riffle, which travels three times the speed of an average hand gun. Surgeons also told reporters these bullets are designed to cause more damage, thus making it more difficult for the trauma unit to help survivors. Kallis-Weber stayed in the emergency room for awhile before being moved to a recovery room. During her stay she battled for her life and fought of many sicknesses that occurred after many more surgeries.


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