New Dank A Place where memes can thrive

Our mission is to eradicate all non dank memes

  • Here is our requirements to get in to new dank.
  • 1. Must have a tumbler account.
  • 2. Know the 10 basic dank memes
  • 3. Have watched Shrek at least 70 times.
  • 4. Can withstand rip earphone music.
  • 5. Will pray at 4:20 to mountain dew
  • 6. Know the basics of cringe.
  • 7. Have a call of duty montage.
  • 8. Watch Thomas the tank engine for 2 hour.
  • 9. Must use internet explorer.
  • 10. Must use windows xp

Our location is in Sacramento California.

  • Here is our daily schedule to how we live life.
  • 8:00: Wake up
  • 9:00: Go to meme school
  • 10:00: Learn about bill gates history
  • 11:00: Thomas the tank engine break
  • 12:00: Eat mountain dew and drink doritoes
  • 1:00: Windows xp class
  • 2:00: Watch filthy frank
  • 3:00 Doritoes smoothie class
  • 4:20: Worship mountain dew.
  • 5:00: Exercise with Shrek
  • 6:00: Ride home in Thomas the tank engine
  • 7:00: Sharing of the dank feeling
  • 8:00: Listen to Lincoln Park and play Call of Duty
  • 9:00: Thomas the tank engine break
  • 10:00: Go to bed

We have a dictatorship because we need to enforce the dank memes in our community to keep it alive.

And if you think thats not persuasive, if you join our community, you get FREE Xbox Live and all of the new call of duty games

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