Archaeology February


Highlands Holdouts: Coastal Resistance and Interior Resilience

David Butler

  • Windover bog site - famous archeological site
  • European Disruption of American Indian Societies in Florida is not discussed enough
  • 10,000 American Indians operating free from colonist influence
  • Over the course of three hundred years, inhabitants were replaced
  • The first voyage to Florida officially sanctioned and contracted by the Spanish government occurred in 1513
  • Led by Ponce de Leon, labeled the region "La Florida"
  • Spanish Mercenaries met fierce resistance when they attempted to invade Florida
  • Broken Spanish Bead - Looking eye of the sun; has hole that goes in the middle
  • France sends their own Mercenaries
  • Spain Retaliates against France
  • Spain Establishes St. Augustine
  • British Colonists attacked and occupied Fort
  • 1513 - 1763 First Spanish Period
  • 1763 - 1783 British Period
  • 1783 - 1821 Second Spanish Period
  • 1821 - 1845 Territorial Period
  • 1845 - Present Statehood

Spanish activity in Florida when they figured out no gold in Florida and discovered that the slaves were bad

Connected holdings in Florida (now Texas)

The Dig

Blueberry Site TU8

This Dig we did not find any pottery but an abundance flakes and shells. On the 18th level the wall completely collapsed and we had to shovel it all out and continued down to 200cmbd. We have finished this unit and next month we will start in TU9.


Hilary , Sam , Gabbie , Siyona, Alex, Josue, Isaac, Maddie, Ann, Anita, Dr. Butler, Thor, Mr. Davis

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