Frederieke Fischedick Profile

Kalahari Children

I am a part of the Kalahari service group, where FIS students and teachers work in collaboration with schools from around the world that are committed to enhancing and sustaining the education of the people in the Moshaweng Valley of South Africa. In the summer, we will fly to South Africa, in order to teach the children in English and to make show us why we worked for this project, the school year long.

Mission: The Kalahari Experience´s mission is to work together with educators and local communities to inspire, motivate and empower students to reach their potential through teaching, advocacy and the provision of necessary resources and support.

For my CAS Project, me and three other participants aim to open two reading rooms in the Kalahari to enable the children in those areas to learn to read and practice this skill with the books provided. We want to stack these reading rooms with 500 books each and provide CDs with the text, in order for them to link the books to the audio and hence be able to understand how each word is pronounced correctly. The recordings will not be done for every book however, only those who are on childrens level. Books for younger adults will be provided without a CD.

In Order to collect these books we do Bakesale´s, where we demand books for baked things. But also things like an Elementary Book Drive, where we motivate children to bring books in by describing the life of the underpriviledged children and talking to all the homerooms individually. Furthermore, our CAS Group participated in a school event to collect money in order to pay for the CDs and the CD Foils to stick into the books.

I am very committed to the sport of horse - back - riding. I ride every day of the week and compete at tournaments during the season. I own a horse and train with this horse to the competing level of S*, but compete at the Level of M* and placed up to second place in the 2016 season.

The picture was made when I rode the horse of a woman in my stable, as it was a difficult horse to handle and it needed to be presented professionally so that a Selling Video could be filmed, where the skills of the horse are shown.

This picture is of an award ceremony after I have won the test.

In February I was accepted in the "Hessen Kader" and was able to fulfill the expectations of the squad. I am very grateful that my horse makes it possible for me to compete at such levels and am hopeful that we can better us further in the next competitions!

This is a short Clip of me where I rode into a Award Ceremony. This is the first placement I have achieved in the level of M*. I hope this can portray the atmosphere sufficiently.

This is my horse "Apriori". He is thirteen years old and is capable of executing dressage movements up to the level of S*. He has succesfully been on the German Championships and placed 4th overall.

The Cover Page of The Well

I also engage in a school based club entitled "The Well". The Well, a magazine of creativity, showcases the original writing and art of the FIS community. The group is made up of Grade 8-12 students who learn a myriad of publishing skills necessary to produce professional publications – both in print, and online – and who collect material from students, staff, parents and alumni to create the magazine, which is published at the end of each school year.

For this club, it is necesarry to meet once a week in order to talk about our progress. We discuss which works of art we choose to put in the magazine, we sort them into catagories, and we update the theme and layout of it.

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