Hour of the Bees By: Lindsay eaGar

The main place in this book is a farm on a desert in Mexico. I imagine that Carol is in a hot place doing something she doesn't want to do like taking care of her grandfather she has never met before. I also imagine Carol not being prepared for this trip to Mexico.
One of the specific locations in the first section is out side in the front yard at the farm. The front yard has a gravel driveway leading to the house and next to the driveway on both sides there isa shady section next to a small tree where Carol and Luis usually hang out when they are hot.
The story that I am reading takes place in the modern days. I feel that this is taking place in the modern days because in the beginning of the story Carol takes a picture of the view and she sends that picture to one of her friends from school on the way to the farm. I imagine Carol's older sister driving to the farm in a new car that she got for her birthday all dressed up in jewelry, makeup and a dress.
The weather is very hot where the story takes place. I feel that Carol is miserable because in the desert it's hot and she wasn't prepared to be in this type of weather. I also feel that she isn't happy about going to her grandpa's ranch because she wanted to hang out with her friends and have pool parties instead of going to her grandpa's ranch.
Carol's grandpa's ranch is in the middle of nowhere and the only person there is grandpa Serge. I feel that because there isn't anyone living at the ranch except for grandpa Serge I feel that he is lonely and sad.
Carol has an iPhone when she is in the truck with her family and she takes a picture of the view and sends it to her friend. Carol's sister Alta wears a really nice dress and jewelry because her dad is rich and he got it for her birthday gift. Alta also has a fancy new car that she got for her birthday from her dad and she drives that car to the ranch.
he overall mood of this book is nervous. Carol is nervous because she is on her way to her grandpa's ranch but she has never met him before.
The setting affects the story because the desert has a lot of negative attitudes so Carol doesn't feel like going to the ranch. Alta doesn't care about her grandpa because he isn't even her grandpa. Carol's parents didn't want to help grandpa Serge because he is sick and getting very old.


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