2017 Bucket List by ava reicherter

1. Save Money

1. Go back to Oregon

3. Be more spontanious

4. Go on a roadtrip

5. go to more concerts

6. Go on college visits

7. be more greatful

8. be less stubborn

9. take a break from my phone more

10. be more forgiving

11. get more sleep on weekdays

12. workout more

13. eat healthier

14. donate clothes

15. read a book

16. straight a's

17. get a really good act score

18. go on a mission trip

19. go to a summer festival

20. visit family that live out of town more

21. swim in the ocean when its raining

22. create something that will outlive me

23. release a lantern

24. cliff diving

25. parasailing

26. scuba diving

27. go to a drive in

28. be more positive

29. go to the ocean much more

30. be more free spirited

31. take more pictures

32. take a yoga class

33. take a spin class

34. go to the 9/11 memorial museum in New York

35. relax

36. paraglide

37. be more thankful

38. see a floating lantern festival

39. go on a hot air balloon

40. try new foods

41. go to a oregon game

42. go back to hawaii

43. make new friends

44. focus on school more

45. watch less tv

46. do more sports

47. go to workout classes a few times a week

48. learn to cook

49. go jet skiing

50. surfing

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