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Girl Complains about Not Getting 8 Hours of Sleep because of School.

Jewels Harbor

This average 16 year old girl Jewels Harbor, in the 11th grade has started a riot about not getting her full appropriate time of sleep that the school encourages. She explains how it is not fair let alone should be accepted of students to do “it all”. Jewels states “How can it be okay for us to do homework, study, sports, work, eat, and have a personal life but at the end of the night get 8 hours of sleep to be prepared to do the same thing over again tomorrow!” She continues to explain how it is outrages and impossible for anyone to do. Although personally Jewels is not in a sport, takes all regular classes and does not have an outside job. She states “I might seem like I have it easy, but it is hard to keep at least a C in all my classes. Then after school I have to walk my dog and do the dishes! It is very hard I barely have time to catch up on my social media by the time its dinner.” Jewels says she is standing up for the teenage bodies. “I couldn’t imagine being in a sport, having an outside job, or having AP classes! God forbid you have all of that on your plate. I already have a full plate so I could hardly ever imagine anything worse. She says she wants things to change. She wants less homework and for there not to penalties for late work. Jewels thinks the world for teenagers would definitely improve.

Cake Face or Not?? Common Guys!

Many guys may not know the details of makeup such as contour and highlight or even the difference between foundation and concealer like this guy.....

One thing guys definitely know how to do is COMPLAIN about our makeup!! We either don’t put enough on because our dark circles and pimples are showing or we put wayyyy too much and have a "cake" face. It is so overwhelming because us women don’t know if we should go with our natural beauty or should we cover up all our imperfections? I don’t know why they complain if they don’t understand what these makeup products are for. We took a survey to prove our point. I feel like guys should do their research in order for them to understand our cosmetic necessities and for us to know how to impress them.


1. “Blender for the cheeks.” 2. “Well the color variation I’m assuming it’s for the eyes.” 3. “Lip gloss, creating high gloss finish.” 4. “Pencil, right around the eyes to get on fleek.” 5. “Used for fading technique.” 6. “Natural tone for cheeks.” 7. Since it is a girl running I’m gonna say deodorant.” 8. “Regular Blush.” 9. “With smallest size I’d say it’s for the eyes. Mr. Davenport

1. “Maybe for your eyes.” 2. “Gotta be for your eyes.” 3. “That’s for your lips, I know that.” 4. “Your eyebrows… you just gotta draw them h*** on.” 5. “Definitely your cheeks.” 6. “Cheeks? I don’t know.” 7. “For your pores.” 8. “Man it’s all the same, I don’t know. 9. “Okay that’s for your eyes.” -“I used context clues to figure all this s*** out.” Jack Irwin

Bring Back My Snapchat

In today’s world, the life of the average teen revolves around their phone and, more specifically, the ways they communicate with others on them. Previously, any long distance communication (except phone calls) took some amount of time to get from one person to the other. From letters, postcards, and photos in the mail to emails, instant messages, and texts; all of them took time to pass through the postal system, or, in the case of electronic messages, time to compose and send. Now, though, we have a means of communication that is as close to instantaneous as it gets: Snapchat. With Snapchat, I can just absentmindedly take a picture of whatever it is I happen to be doing and send it off to whoever it is I happen to be talking to and forget about it. Or at least that’s how it used to be. Now that Snapchat has changed its look and features, that just isn’t possible anymore. With an updated user interface and bitmoji-integration, I actually have to put thought into my actions within the app. I have to individually select people's stories to watch - individually - I can’t just tap on one and watch all of them play one after the other. Now if I want my friends to think I care about their day-to-day lives I actually have to put forth the effort to find their personal story and tap on it. Also, group messages suck: I’m only interested in having conversations with people that involve ME. Now I have to sit on the sidelines while my friends have their own conversations among themselves. Dumb move, Snapchat. If I wanted group messaging, I would’ve stuck to texting. On top of everything else, Snapchat made bitmoji so much easier to use, it adds so many choices to my messages that I find myself wasting precious time carefully selecting the perfect emoji version of myself to convey whatever mood I’m feeling. Snapchat isn’t an app that I can use to lazily send ugly pictures of myself or what I’m doing anymore. It’s become more than a direct messaging app and more and more like a typical social network where I can make more meaningful communications, and I don’t like it. All in all, this new update includes too many features that add so much to what used to be a simple app; so much change, in fact, that it’s a completely different app. All I can hope for now is that Snapchat sees the error of their ways and puts everything back to the way it was.

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