A Short (Love) Tail Henry and Nina

This is a love story of a different breed

It builds quickly, advances with fervour, and ends swiftly...

You may even say it is:

One hot, humid August day a stranger arrived at Nina's door. He was short, almost to the point of being humorous, and scraggly with the air of one unshaven and unbathed. He wore white socks rolled to his ankles - a notion Nina found absurd given the heat of the day. He fumbled about, surveying his surroundings, as Nina observed from afar.

Who might that be? She queried to herself.

Nina left her perch to investigate the unexpected arrival of this mysterious stranger.

"Hello," he exclaimed, "I'm HENRY!"

Initially, Nina balked at the ridiculousness of this fellow. She, after all, was the FAIREST of them all and this character - "Henry" - was undoubtedly beneath her stature.

She turned her nose up at the mere sight of him.

Henry, being an unlikely romantic type, wanted to win nothing but Nina's affection. Sadly, she continued to ignore his efforts. This left Henry...

Feeling dejected...

Nearly a day passed, with Henry striving to win the beautiful lady's affection. Unfortunately, she continued to disregard his 'moves'....

Please love me?!

But then, something shifted in Nina's mind, or perhaps something happened that softened her heart - whatever it was, she came to realize that Henry might just be the type of partner she was looking for.

Perhaps he will play with me...

And sure enough, Henry did! With just as much spontaneity as his arrival, Henry found himself in joyful play with Nina.

They frolicked and raced, scampered and chased.

She taught him how to swim.

Admittedly, he wasn't very good...

They shared meals together - but Henry always made sure Nina got the bigger lick.

They both love whipped cream!

They even dressed to match!

Eventually, things heated up even further as Nina and Henry "rolled around" together...

And finally, Nina felt so comfortable with Henry that she decided to sleep with him...

And that is the story of Henry and Nina

~ A Short (love) Tail ~

Photos: R. Johnston


R. Johnston

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