Love, Lucy ...

Ciao bellas!! Here goes another weekly update on my time here in Italy (the best place on Earth, right next to, ... ) well I actually had trouble coming up with something to compare it to. My cottage in Excelsior? The lake? Hazellewood brunch? (yes forever & always missing breakfast, sorry not sorry) But, I just couldn't put a finger on it. Simply put, there is just no place like Italy (cheesy, really, but true). And as these weeks keep racing by, its nice to come down from the high of life happening outside of routine, to remind myself how fortunate I am to be here.

Routine. It used to be a word I LOVED... a word I craved. In Madison, I had my favorite place for a vanilla iced coffee, my go-to study spot, my usual grocery store, and my jam-packed class schedule. In Excelsior, I'd get to LifeTime at the same time everyday, I'd show up for my usual shift at Maynard's everyday, and I'd make it to Kona happy hour at LEAST twice a week (wow do I miss sushi). Nonetheless, it was routine... & it was comfortable. But in Italy, there IS no routine, and I think this difference is what is so addicting about it.

Back in the states, my to-do lists seemed to never have an end. There were too many things to accomplish and simply not enough hours in a day to do it all (cloning had been highly considered). Waking up in the morning and wishing the day was already over so that all my assignments, meetings, and miscellaneous tasks got to be checked off, was a low point. But, it happened all too frequently, where this feeling began to be apart of the routine. Yeah, ROUTINE. I word I used to associate with a sense of purpose, a sense of productivity, now began to become such a negative part of my life.

But coming to Italy, the word "routine" seemed to slowly become foreign. Each day was so different from the previous one. Professors want you to experience life outside of the classroom, and each weekend promises a new city, a new adventure, or even a new Gelateria around the corner from where you've been living for 9 weeks time. There is time to do things you actually ENJOY doing (skimming Pinterest, binging Gilmore Girls, etc). There is no sense of routine. No repetitive timeline of endless things to get accomplished each day. Routine has disappeared and we are able to get out, as much as we put into, each day.

Now, bear with me. I know this is typical for people to ramble on about how "abroad has changed them" and how they are "different people now" because of it... so I do apologize if you got these vibes. BUT, I promise I (hopefully) won't have more posts of these lengths with such self-realization happening (honestly, for those still reading, S/O g-ma, thanks for sticking this one out). But can I just say, the difference between my last semester, to this one, is astounding. I am feeling HAPPY, MOTIVATED, & absolutely BLESSED, and I owe it mostly to Italy. Thanks for bringing me this chance to explore places I've never been, with people I would have probably never met, while constantly reminding me of the important people I've got all around the world (literally.. missing people at all corners of the globe RN... how cool is that).

ANYWAYS, I promise I'll wrap this up with some exciting pictures and BRIEF descriptions of what you've missed this week, but I had to have ONE ~basic~ blog post in my career (honestly, hoping this phase will retire after being abroad because it will NOT fit on to that to-do list of mine.)

Lauren and I with our own version of F.A.C = Friday at the Colosseum (lol)
& Emma made it to Rome people!! We thoroughly enjoyed our hot dogs at the Roma game & our gelato that only sort of compared to Adeles ...(cookie dough custard I'm coming for YOU in May)
Thanks for enduring rainy soccer games (girls who like sports woo), eating tasty food & watching sunsets with me!! Until Barca my friend!! XOXO

For those who made it to the end of this ridiculously long post (the few and far in between, I'm really appreciating you right about now), THANK YOU. THANK YOU for caring, for your curiosity, or for your pure boredom. Whatever it may have been... Arriverderci. Ciao bellas!

Love, Lucy

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