The life of Ariana Jennings Randolph in Williamsburg By: Alexa Schwartz


The tool was an arrow, it was used as a weapon. It was made from wood, string, and a sharp rock. The Powhatan introduced and used the tool. The Powhatan introduced this tool to poke holes in leather and to weave them into clothing. To make this tool sharp, the Powhatan chipped the rock with another rock. This tool was very helpful to the Powhatan because it would give them an opportunity to make clothes which is an basic asset.

Susan Constant

This picture shows a replica of the Susan Constant. The ship was very intricate, there were designs on the side of the ship, and all different games to play with. The ship would carry people and cargo to Jamestown.

The Milliner

Today I was at the Milliner and I noticed that the women working were very intelligent. They were working very diligently. I bought a gown for all the events I am attending. I got a very expensive dress that was made from silk. It will take about 10-16 hours to make. The shop is filled with clothing and hats. Also, it smelled like silk and new materials.

Randolph Home

I visited the Randolph home today, I saw my family; we had dinner. Betty Randolph was home today, she was getting ready with her slave Eve as I was arriving. My favorite part of their house was the incredible decorations, the artwork, and the stitching in the chairs are all very precise.

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