HR Update August 2021

Online Explanation of Benefits (EOB) for COVA HealthAware Members

In an effort to save time and reduce paper waste, Aetna is transitioning to online Explanations of Benefits (EOBs) for COVA HealthAware members. Beginning September 1, 2021, plan claims and EOB information may be viewed on the member website. EOBs may also be accessed on the Aetna app under the “Home” tab.

Members will be able to get quicker updates and will receive email notices when the statements are ready to view. Claims information will be available 24/7.

Questions may be directed to Member Services at 1-855-414-1901 or by logging in to the member website at Aetna.com.

Benefits Broadcast

Our goal with the Benefits Broadcast is to feature a specific benefit each month. This month’s featured benefit is…

Chubb LifeTime Benefit Term

Human Resources is pleased to announce the rollout of a new benefit, Chubb LifeTime Benefit Term. Chubb LifeTime Benefit Term is a powerful supplemental two-in-one insurance benefit that offers life insurance for family needs plus long-term care benefits. Life insurance benefits last a lifetime, and cash benefits can also be paid directly to you while you are living for long-term care expenses. This benefit is only available through JMU as part of the voluntary benefits package. This product is not sold on an individual basis.

There will be an open enrollment from September 1 – October 29 during which time you may enroll in Chubb LifeTime Benefit Term. During this open enrollment period, there are NO qualifying health questions for employees, meaning you are guaranteed the coverage regardless of existing health conditions.

Plan benefits include the following:

• Permanent life insurance with a long-term care rider

• Long-term care benefits up to 75 months

• NO HEALTH QUESTIONS for employees during the open enrollment period

• Guaranteed coverage up to $150,000 with long-term care benefits up to $450,000

• Guaranteed life premiums

• Paid-up benefits

• Terminal illness benefit

• Spouse and children coverage available

• Fully portable—you own the policy and take it with you when you leave employment with no increase in premium

There will be benefits counselors available for scheduled appointments to discuss the product in greater detail. By reviewing the Chubb LifeTime Benefit Term with an enrollment counselor, Chubb graciously will make a $10 donation to the UVA Children’s Hospital. There is no obligation to purchase coverage to create the donation.

Please contact Pierce Insurance at 1-800-421-3142, ext. 177 to schedule an appointment with a benefits counselor or schedule online at https://www.signupgenius.com/go/jmu

Need to Talk with an Expert?

Did you know that every month, company representatives for your benefits are here on campus in the Wine-Price Building? Below is a list of upcoming dates when you could schedule a time to talk with an expert:

• August 25 – TIAA, Jay Colligan, TIAA Scheduling (virtual appointment)

• August 27 – Fidelity, Paul Vutiprichar, Fidelity Scheduling (Virtual appointment)

• August 31 – FIRM, Philip Harris, phil@firmadvisor.com

• September 1 – Aflac, Michael Glover, michael_glover@us.aflac.com

August’s Social Security Column Newsletter


Performance Evaluations

Now is the time to start planning for non-probationary classified and Administrative and Professional (A&P) faculty performance evaluations.


  • Non-probationary classified employees: October 25 to October 24
  • A&P Faculty: July 1 to June 30
  • Performance evaluations are due in Human Resources by Thursday, September 30

Classified Evaluations

Employees are encouraged to complete a self-evaluation. While the self-evaluation does not become part of the employee’s personnel file, it does provide valuable information and serves as an excellent resource for the supervisor when completing the formal evaluation.

This is a great opportunity for an employee to review their position description and reflect upon accomplishments and opportunities for development. Employees can view their published position descriptions in MyMadison.

Supervisors must attach the classified employee’s Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) to the evaluation form. IPDPs are required and completed forms must have a minimum of one goal. The IPDP is a valuable resource in identifying and developing a plan for professional development and growth.

When rating a classified employee as an overall Extraordinary Contributor or Below Contributor, an Acknowledgment of Extraordinary Contribution or Notice of Improvement Needed (unless a Written Notice is on file) must be attached to the completed performance evaluation to support the overall rating. Supervisors considering an overall rating of Below Contributor must discuss this with their HR Consultant before completing the performance evaluation.

Refer to the Performance Evaluation Process on HR’s website for links to applicable forms, policies and process details for classified employees, or contact your HR Consultant or the HRCS Team Assistant, Shakini Sachdev with questions.

A&P Faculty Evaluations

Refer to the Performance Evaluation Process for A&P Faculty for links to applicable forms, policies, and process details for A&P faculty members.

Please contact your HR Consultant with questions you may have regarding performance management and JMU’s evaluation process.

Payroll Services

Payroll Services Announces New Transaction Analyst

Lucinda “Cindy” Mathews is our newest Payroll Transaction Analyst. Formerly, Cindy was JMU’s part-time Payroll Processing Assistant.

National Payroll Week: September 6 - 10

National Payroll Week is a great opportunity to thank your payroll department for their hard work. In addition to ensuring your paycheck is accurate and on time, they work diligently to maintain compliance with the ever-changing federal and state regulations.

IT Technology Coordinators

Information Technology needs your help to update our records! IT maintains a list of Technology Coordinators for colleges and campus departments. Technology Coordinators are typically those individuals who support your college’s or department’s technology and serve as an informational conduit between your staff and IT. The current list is on IT’s Computing website, here:


We would appreciate your assistance updating the list. Please email Jennifer Fadeley fadelejl@jmu.edu with the name of your Tech Coordinator(s) so we can update the site. The changes will also help us update our monthly invitations. Each month, JMU’s IT department conducts a Technology Coordinator meeting to share technical information, ensure an open line of communication, and exchange timely computing updates with the JMU community.

Talent Development


“You have a meeting to make a decision, not to decide on the question.” - Bill Gates

Effective Meetings

We need meetings to discuss problems, share ideas and make decisions. Good meetings send everyone off with a sense of purpose and a feeling of accomplishment. Bad meetings leave attendees de-motivated, irritated and alienated. Come to this workshop to learn 5 key meeting elements and to become ready to lead or participate in these business events.

Effective Meetings is on September 22, 9–11:30 a.m. Register in MyMadison.


"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." – Helen Keller

Team Excellence Series

Every supervisor dreams of a high-performing team where things just "click," and people work to accomplish goals beyond the status quo. If you want to have a team where acceptance, belonging and contributions are valued, and productivity and morale are high, come to at least 5 of the 7 workshops to earn a certificate. Workshops can be taken in any order and do not have prerequisites.

The Team Excellence Series includes these 2 hours sessions: Assess Your Team (September 29, 2021); Unity (October 27, 2021); Diagnose Problems (December 1, 2021); Improve Communication (January 5, 2022); Mediate Disputes (February 2, 2022); Restore Unity (March 2, 2022); Stages(April 6, 2022).

Search by Course Number in MyMadison to enroll.


“Good communication is just as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after.” – Anne Morrow Lindberg

Accurate Writing Improves Your Credibility

Talent Development receives frequent requests for training that will help make writing clearer. While we offer several workshops, including Professional Writing (TD2149), on the topic throughout the year, you can get immediate learning on your own timetable from Editing and Proofreading Made Simple in LinkedIn Learning! Invest 39-minutes to understand content, tone, style and formatting for business communication. This LinkedIn Learning course is also a required part of Editing and Proofreading Streamlined (TD2569).

All JMU employees have access to LinkedIn Learning.. Talent Development has LinkedIn Learning playlists, organized according to the TD Competency Model, on our website.


“You are the spark that sets others on fire when you initiate.” – Mark Sanborn

Please welcome Jojo Griffith as the Program Administrator for Talent Development.

She joined the team August 16th and will be responsible for: marketing (including the TD Website); scheduling of all workshops that are presented for AACP, Advanced AACP, and JMU and community partners (including Human Resources); delivery of 12-15 workshops per year, as well as content review for workshops she schedules; and relationship building with volunteer facilitators and participants in TD certificate programs. Reach out to her at 540-568-7398 or griff4jb@jmu.edu.

Human Resources is dedicated to customer service, a positive approach to change and the pursuit of excellence that promotes university and individual success.


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