Dinosaur DNA Mystery A DIY Guide to John Hammond's cane

John Hammond's appearance in Jurassic Park Raptors Hijack 1
This is a scene from Jurassic Park I in which where John Hammond eyes the tip of the cane during a siminar that InGen produced to inform the public about the dinosaurs at the park.


Second Carving Day - I cut my stick to size.

First Carving Day - I brought in a magnolia tree stick and took off the bark.

Fifth Carving Day - I sanded my stick to make it smooth.

Sixth Carving Day - I sanded my stick again to ensure that the stick was super-smooth and to go over some rough patches.

Workday at Home - I took my stick home to sand it some more and to stain it.

Workday at Home - I made a diy amber ball out of a clear Easter egg and a diy rubber ball with orange food coloring.

Eighth Carving Day - My amber ball fell off in the car so I replaced the caulk with hot glue and the ball stayed.

Nineth Carving Day - I added detail in the way of scratch marks that resembled velociraptor clawings on the stick. I added the scratch marks with the high speed rotillary tool.

Workday in Class - I made my blog on Adobe spark.

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Owen Murphy


Owen Murphy

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