The Return of Tokyo Chrome Gerri McLaughlin

The continuing journey of a technicolor dreamscape.... the more you look the more you see...Tokyo has it all from the stylish trend warpers to the brightly city clad workers, even Granny takes a trip here, it's like you got lost on the M25 back in the day and ended up in downtown Hofmann-land!

Orbital Shibuya

As my mother used to say "Don't Stare" and I don't, in fact no one really does , it's just part and parcel of Tokyo's teeming streets. I haven't been here long enough or even in the city enough these past months to identify the latest trends or fashions but what I do see are a lot of cool cats, people in Tokyo have a certain inimitable style and that applies to all ages, the young, the old, the brave and the bold!

Piper At The Gates Of Dawn

"I like it when one is not certain what one sees. When we do not know why the photographer has taken a picture and when we do not know why we are looking at it, all of a sudden we discover something that we start seeing. I like this confusion."

Saul Leiter

Usually my ideas for work have revolved around my interest in people, especially people that live on the edges of society

Mary Ellen Mark

"...honestly all I do is capture what’s in front of my eyes. It’s extremely straightforward."

Miyako Ishiuchi

I don't overthink being a street photographer, I get my camera and I go to my chosen destination for the day and I shoot everything that catches my eye, some days are better than others. What I do do though is to go to different parts of the city to have a different set of challenges and experiences rather than always shooting in Shibuya say.This keeps it fresh for me and expands my idea of what where and how I am shooting in a very natural easy flow way.

"You have to believe in yourself. No one else will. I got laughed at by former colleagues"

Cristina Garcia Rodero

Once you realize that you're loved ones are not that interested in what you're doing, no matter how cool you think it is, and I think street is very cool, it gets a lot easier to just grab your camera and go shoot and stop looking for gold stars!

The Street is a lone wolf deal most of the time and most of the time I'm good with that, perhaps that is what draws me to my subjects? However in recent years meeting and shooting with other Streephers was both a lot of fun and very educational to see how others approach the genre, to see the introverts and the extroverts shoot the same streets and to see how each of us saw the same scene uniquely....

"The world is not black & white, there's colour everywhere, mostly without my consent..."

Gerri McLaughlin

"In short, photography is a matter of turning loneliness into thoughts."

Shomei Tomatsu

Sometimes I weep for these old beat streets, streets so beat they can only smile for you, as you stumble by looking for new clues , crumbling beneath your beat up shoes and shufflebum jazzbo blues.....Gerriouac 2021...

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