Effects of Social Media on Teenagers

Teenagers should limit their use of social media because excessive use of social media can easily become detrimental to them.

These pictures show the side effects of constant social media use which are evident in the teenagers attention focused solely on their phones.
These pictures show the dangers of obsessive social media use which chains teenagers to their cell phones no matter where they are.
With so many options of social media, the fun and danger can be endless.
These pictures convey the creepy people who can be lurking behind the pleasant pictures they have posted on their social media accounts.


Created with images by GoodNCrazy - "Teen Texting" • Fangirl - "texting boy teenager" • dmjarvey - "I swear, he is texting everywhere he goes." • krcolvinphoto - "Texting" • reynaldodallin - "driving cellular by typing" • moriza - "Grand Street: Texting" • LoboStudioHamburg - "twitter facebook together" • Frederick Md Publicity - "David Bruce Jr Local SEO" • theotherway - "This guy is creepy!!!" • 612gr - "lunch with a friend."

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