Blue 1 E133 Harmonie & Karissa

Also known as Brillian Blue FCF, this preservative is from petroleum and is what gives us a blue coloring to most of our foods, drinks, even inks and fabric dye. It also can be used with Tartrazine E102 to give various shades of green. It has been known to provoke allergic reactions and is banned in many countries, including Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, and Austria.
Brilliant Blue FCF is food in many foods. Examples are baked goods, candies, jellies, condiments, icings, seafood, meat, dairy fats and oils, beverages, dry mixes and seasonings, and blue flavors.
Preservatives have been linked to many negative things if overly exposed. Such as ADHD, allergies, asthma, hypotension, and death.
Preservative and Additive Free Diet:

For breakfast, fresh eggs with milk and wheat bread.

For snack, fresh vegetables and water.

For lunch, a chicken wrap with fresh fruit and water.

For snack, raw nuts and seeds, such as almonds and pecans in yogurt and milk.

For dinner, salmon and asparagus and a baked potato with water.


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