School life in Erie Freezing weather

Using this app, I cannot use my own photos. Never mind.😏😏😏 lol. I just wanna go through this year. Hope u enjoy it.🤗🤗🤗


Dear Mom and Dad, long time so see. School is fine. After seeing our GPA, I believe that both of you will be confident about our further study. At this time, I do not want to spend much time talking about my classes, because we have talked a lot on Wechat. This time, I wanna have a conversation with you about my daily life and some other things.

Niagara Falls

The first I wanna mention is the Niagara Falls. It has been nearly ten years since the first time I visited it. From that bridge, I could see Canada. That maybe the second time I felt I was so close to the beautiful country, which is known for maple leaves.🍁 The first time I felt I was so close to Canada is when I was having a crew game. We came to the Erie Lake I believe. My coach told us that we could swimming 🏊 across the lake to get to Canada. (Sounds good 😊😊😊 )


Rowing is a kind of tough work. It is also a new thing. You knew that we did not have much muscles and we had to learn the skills, so we had to practice in the gym to enforce it. When I was in the game, I always worked hard, so when I finished the game, my hands were broke in skin. It made me hard to take a shower even I used some bandages. But I liked it. You must have heard some recent news from my sister. We were going to run a lot, which was also a chance to strengthen our bodies. I wanted to be a supermodel. It was important.

Cheerleading for basketball games

It was absolutely amazing to cheer for the basketball games 🏀, because it offered us a lot of chances to see many cool guys and their superb skills. (Wow! Three points! Incredible)

Difficulty & learning

It was also tired to practice again and again. We did not want others to beat us, so we spent a lot of time practicing in the dorm in order to give our coach a surprise or a shock maybe. Although we have practiced a lot, we still made mistakes sometimes, so it definitely made us feel sad, but I began to know the importance of regulating emotions just like the players. We were also nervous to dance infront of so many audience. I noticed that some of them maybe not get interested in us. However, when I was a audience to see other school's cheerleaders performing. I understood that the worst person and the best person are always left a deep impression just like the basketball players. I often made a comment on their performance with my sister, so I knew the importance of performing well.


With tiredness and nervousness, when I completed the performing with no mistakes, I felt so happy that maybe no one could understand better than I was. I was succeeded in challenging myself.👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Such a relief but also a motivation to encourage me to move forward. I knew you know that.😉😉😉

Confusion of emotion

I have told you about Zam Chew. He was good at playing basketball and also a player of football. When I was at his first game, I was so excited that a person from Asia can play basketball in the US team. I also heard that his first name was just like mine, so I wanted to meet him. However, I was nervous and missed the chance after game.

After a few days, I checked my schedule and surprisingly found that we still had a chance to meet. But my coach rescheduled in a few days because of the Senior Night, so we could not go to his game, which made me disappointed. I thought I should catch a chance and go to his school to meet him......I never thought his school was so close to PIA. I finally got his INS. I like his fascinating voice and his amazing basketball skills.😍😍😍 In addition, I liked his confidence, when he was talking to the foreigners, he just like one of them. He had no trouble of talking with them.

I thought I was crush on him. But it was not allowed by both of you. After a long conversation with mom, I also thought that maybe I was just like want a smart guy just like other couples in PIA. (Of course, the man I chose is better than theirs😏😏😏) It was a little bit early for me. Even when I thought about him, I still did not want to lose other boys who got feelings for me. Maybe I did not meet the one.

After I got his INS, I always chat with him. He always told me at night, almost nine o'clock or even late. He usually be there on time. (Okay, I have to mention that I never sleep late because of him) With more deeper conversation, I knew something, such as the university he wanted to go, something about the people in USA and so on. Maybe I was into him, but not that kind of deep. He liked chatting, so I never afraid of having no topics to talk. Sometimes, we chatted like a couple. He told me where he was and told me Goodnight and had a good dream...... It was a perfect illusion since we lose contact. I chose to get rid of him. Mom is always right. At the first few days, I usually wait for his texts which made me feel tired and uncomfortable.

Actually, I knew that he was not just into me. But, I still thought like maybe he had crushed on me before. (Okay, maybe I thought too much)

Sometimes, when I was thinking about him, I guessed that if I tried harder, maybe we can be a couple. Never mind. We could not get back anyway.

Maybe I just want what he has and then, I misunderstand the emotion. I really want to be a person like him. And I will. Take my time.


When I was with her, I was standing with an army. She was an important part of my life. I did not know what would happen in my life without her. Maybe it would be totally different. She would be my most trusted people in PIA. We always supported each other.

By the way, I should said that Nolan was my ideal "sister husband". No one in PIA could ever compare with him. Lol, I knew we did not need to find a boyfriend in PIA or in the high school. Just a joke. Never mind.

Missing u

If you have any questions about the following article, just tell me on Wechat. I will answer you as soon as possible. 有些东西不用中文真的很难讲,感觉心里痛痛的。我已经尽力了。如果你告诉我你有大段读不懂,嘿哈,我内心毫无波澜,甚至还想笑。你要知道我一下写完也很懵圈。很想你们,倒也不求你们能来看看,这破地……希望你们身体健康,工作顺利,虽然每次说这些话,心理压力都会变大,心理阴影面积也会增加,所以……以后你们还是不要说“加油”这类词了,说的都开始影响我的发挥了。我姐说British Literature stand level要写什么两千字的essay,我也算是练手了,第一次一股脑写这么多东西,真是有点始料未及呢。错过了晚饭心也是很累的。可能现在讲的东西挺没逻辑的,但是要相信我在paper里可不会这么讲的,人家也是激动才这样的。写paper激动但还是会发挥棒棒的哟!😘😘😘

肉麻的话就不写了,总之还是祝女神节快乐吧。话说14岁以上的都是妇女,(我怎么就为人妇了😒😒😒,可能学习就是国民老公吧,所以我可能一直是他背后的女人,他后宫佳丽几亿人,争宠真是……(⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎))你不用祝我,我还年轻。😏😏😏笨笨熊啊,长点心吧,说好的饭学着学着就没了。😠😠😠 (笨笨熊切记,一定要看这句话)

Alone with my faith----Joker


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