3D PRINTING By: omar p

Ellie inspired me to use a batman symbol for the 3D print because she said to do something that I like. She said, "what's your favorite super hero, batman or superman?" I chose Batman for the print.
This is what I drew for the 3D print. First I got a picture on the computer and then I copied it on paper. I got the picture on the computer so I can edit it and it was really hard. I had to trace it a lot of times in Photoshop to make the edges smooth. Sometimes it made me really mad but I got help from my classmates to finish tracing it.

First we needed to heat the printer then get filament and choose what color you want and it starts making the design.

When it was done printed it printed out like this but it was red and I had a image but something happens to my phone but what I like about this is that I turned out like I wanted it and I was really smooth. Even though I didn't know how to draw I always asked for help or just kept on trying

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