Make It An Experience

Internal Partnering

Start with building rapport with your AEs. Find out about their style and interests.

How do they like to communicate? How do the AEs envision this partnership working? When will they engage versus when will you engage? Get aligned!

Teach them something new. Do what you say you will do. Be respectful of their time.

Invest the time, schedule 1:1 sessions weekly, understand the deals they are working versus the deals you are working. Help them make their deals bigger by offering best practices, talk tracks, and by joining their calls. We are in this together!

Also schedule a team call - you and both AEs. Share as a team!

By nurturing the relationships, and working together we will have more than enough deals to feed our pipeline and grow our business!

Lean on the relationships the AEs have built to get introductions into other departments.

If you have earned the trust of your AE they will provide helpful insights into the account and the decision makers, and welcome you to their calls and give you the floor.

External Partnering

Lean on the reseller to also get an introduction into the teams that are using Creative products. They get paid on Stock deals so why not ask?

Build trust and rapport with the creative teams you are working with and don't stop there! Ask for an introduction into the marketing and training teams. Maybe even to the VP of Sales.

What's working for my team?

My AEs are pushing services and making Stock a part of every introductory renewal call

They introduce me when there is interest to learn more about Stock. I have been brought into 6 renewal deals so far.

They are bringing me into their 60 day check ins for 2016 renewals to talk about Stock. These have been some of the best leads. They have completed on-boarding and ready to look at new offerings.

I am also inviting them to my discovery calls so they can revisit previous conversations and value props to solidify the need for Stock, which has helped with more aha moments and securing next steps. Plus it shows we really are a team that is managing their account. They like familiar voices!

We have weekly 1:1 sessions (Shane & Jill) (Jen & Jill)

We strategize on accounts, update each other on pipeline

Go over accounts we are tag teaming with to ensure the deal continues to progress and meetings are scheduled.

We also have biweekly team calls to align on questions, concerns, challenges and successes. Very important for our M4 measure. Both AEs need to be successful with Stock in order for us to maximize commissions.

Remember to celebrate each win! Sometimes these celebrations need to be virtual, but that's the beauty of Connect and Facetime! Stay connected and stay thirsty together!



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