Mayan civilisation Murali

Identify which activities were thought to have caused environmental degradation

The time that the Mayan civilisation was thought to be a time where humans were starting to understand the environment but the reason for their demise was due to the climate change and how they weren't able to coupe in different conditions. They went through some deforestation and because lane without trees and grasses is more exposed to erosion and the land is more dry which means there is less moisture to evaporate which ultimately lead to a drought.

Evaluate whether there were any natural changes to the environment that might have been a factor in their decline

I don't believe that natural changes were a factor as they deforested the land which lead to less rain, if they didn't deforest perhaps there would be more rain and therefore more water to survive on. They couldn't grow crops because it wouldn't rain.

Explain why they couldn't find a solution

They weren't aware of the consequences of what they were doing to the land, they over exploited it and then couldn't survive the consequences because they couldn't dig themselves out of the hole. They also dangerously depended on their crops and when they failed they were in huge trouble.

Distinguish which lessons can be learned from the experiences of the society

We can defininatly learn from them by not simply moving our problems instead of fixing them, we really need to solve the global warming and make more people aware of the things that can happen if we don't protect our environment


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