Mom By Quyen doAn

A word everyone loves and respects. A word so sweet and beautiful. My mom to me is like my bestest friend. The one friend who comforts me when I'm sad, who talks to me when I'm lonely and the one who will never leave me no matter how I have changed. Even though there are times when I have been mad at her for such random reasons such as her yelling at me for not doing the house chores, but I love her no matter what. She might sometimes complained about me for all kind of reasons from me being too lazy, for not doing well in school to my fault of breaking my grandma's favorite vase, but I know she will never stop loving me. My relationship with my mom is special. Sometimes relationship will end, but this loving relationship will last forever for the rest of my life.

I have listened to "Mom" on StoryCorps. All of the stories are so meaningful and emotional. But the story of a daughter recorded her mom's voice before her symptoms of Dementia worsen left the deepest mark on my heart. I'm sure the daughter will never forget all of her mom's jokes and laughters. Daughter and mother's love is unconditional. The next story is really sweet too. A teenage daughter who has never been embarrassed of her mother, despite of her mother's intellectual disabled. Instead she feels proud of her mother instead, a brave woman who has never felt any burden of raising her daughter alone.

When I was a little kid, I had only one hope. Upon a star, I would wish for my brother to never bother me again. The first person to welcome me home after a long day at school was always him. Whether I was busy or not, he had never left me alone.

He was and still is afraid of insects and dolls, but he has never been afraid of me, even though I am way older and bigger than him. My mother once said, "You're his big sister, but he doesn't seem to have any respect for you," and I replied to her, "Well because you treat him like your precious prince, and I can't even dare to touch him."

But now, we don't even have time to talk to each other. I usually spend most of the day in my room doing my schoolwork and listening to music, while he would be laying on the sofa in the living room playing games. Language difference also distanced us away from our sibling bonding time. I prefer to speak Vietnamese at home since our parents are not fluent English speakers, but he can't even complete a sentence in Vietnamese. But we are not like complete strangers to each other, we are at least still care about each other.

Siblings are like the weather. It can sometimes be sunny or rainy. We can sometimes have fun with each other vacationing, or we can fight with each other all day over a piece of chicken. He is like a diary to me. I can share with him whatever secrets I have, and he doesn't even care about it, well because he is too focused with his video games. To him, I might be another enemy of his. I usually scold at him because of all the swearing at home, and because of his foolish manner in front of our older relatives. He would then yell at me, then we would start to say stupid things to each other. But no matter how he wanted me to be out of the house, I know I will keep always be a shadow next to him.

I have listened to Sibling Rivalry on Podcast. Sibling rivalry is happening everywhere; it happens right in my own house. Sometimes, I would have this silly thought to myself, "Is mom liking my little brother more than me? Am I more important than him? Why is everything my fault, but not him?" But I know I will need to be the leader, I will be the one to take responsibility seriously, and he will be the one to look up at me and follow my every step. My parents love both of us equally, but

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