Nintendo Of America By Ian and Jonathan

  • Strengths: Family Oriented, Leading in innovations for consoles
  • Weaknesses: Lack of games, lack of hardware power within our consoles, Known as a children's brand
  • Opportunities: Demonstrations/Presentation in coming conventions
  • Threats: Other companies using more powerful hardware

Competitor Analysis:


  • $17.7 Billion Net worth
  • Synonymous with technological excellence, was tagged as Asia's most valued brand in 2011
  • 53.4 million PS4s sold in 2016
  • Has markets in music, movie, gaming and mobile devices(4-screen strategy)


  • 16.79 Billion Net worth
  • Is in the PC market due to operating systems and productivity software
  • 29 Million Xbox Ones sold in 2016
  • Built a name for themselves, appearing on most products in Western households

What We Wish To Accomplish:

  • To Gain A More Mature Audience
  • More Games For Our Consoles

Who do we wish to reach out to with this movement?

  • Primarily Teens(16)-Adults(25)
  • But Still Also Reach Out To Kids Aged 7-14




  • June-September
  • Radio Ad: Run that from June-September
  • Social Media: Start that in June and keep it running
  • Print Ad:Run in June

Sales Promotion

If you follow our social media account you can get deals on new Nintendo releases


  • Social Media: Free, on Instagram
  • Radio Ad:Online:$2,566,065(17 weeks) TV:$6,800,000(17 Weeks)
  • Print Ad:$237,577(Running 1 month)
  • All together:$9,603,642

Statement Of Benefits

With this movement of releasing more mature games we will not only accomplish our two primary goals, which is to gain more an older audience and sell more games. With this change we will effectively increase the gain of more dedicated people within our franchise. Statistics show that 73% of people who play video games are over the age of 18. This means that a large majority of gamers are of a more mature age, meaning that with the release of more mature games we will definitely be able to appeal to them. We are already known to have an exclusive ray of games which are still children friendly and many fans still love and desire them. But we lack the many common games that other console companies are providing. This is because to keep our family friendly image we have avoided releasing these common more mature games, And I think we should pull away from this image. The common consumer doesn’t want to buy a console for only a couple of titles they wish to play. They wish to experience enjoying the many standard games while also having their exclusives. We already have a nice feature “exclusives” now we must have the standards which will put us above the other consoles. It is time to not be a family friendly console but a console everyone can play.

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