Life in the 1930's By: Jack James

Life in the city during the 1930's

After 1929 most of the construction industry crashed so many things that were being built in the 1920's were now on hold and many people from farms would come here to find jobs when in reality it was just as bad as staying at the farm and many just returned back home to work.

Agricultural life in the 1930's

Many people who lived on farms grew their own food or raised it such as growing vegetables and raising chickens for eggs or meat, neighbors helped each other out as much as they could becuase everyone was in the same boat an needed as much help as they could get heat would destroy crops and winters Wouk be cold becuase there wasn't enough for heat and government programs had to help out

Minority's in the 1930's

Minority's were the first to get fired from jobs because they were discriminated on and during this time people refused to give them food, they were threatened, violence against them was at a high, unions wouldn't allow them to work for them and the union even convinced congress to keep anti discrimination rules out of the new deal laws

Family life in the 1930's

Marriage was at an all time low and divorce was at a low becuase the more income the better and they really couldn't even afford lawyers if they did want a divorce, many family's got together and got apartments so that they could have cheaper bills and afford food for each other, women planted gardens and canned food for the winter during the summer while husbands were off earning money and everyone just helped pitch in even kids would finish school and go straight to finding a job. All in all family's really came together to help each other out to stay ahead and keep an income coming in.

Leisure times in the 1930's

For many it was easy to have fun even with how tough life could be the reason being is becuase everything was simple so a fun night back in the 30's could be a car night or just dancing, going ot church and talking to other people.

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