Healthy life, happy mind.


  • What's a healthy life like?
  • Meals, advices and recomendations for a good way of living.
  • Conclusion

What´s a healthy life like?

  1. Nutrition, daily exercise and adequate sleep are the MAIN facts for having a great health
  2. Mentally and physically better
  3. WILLPOWER and BELIEVING in yourself


  • Sports and physical activities are essencial for your body and development
  • At least, you'd practice one sport twice a week.
Swimming is a complete and fantastic sport
Running is a good option for stress.

Choose water as a drink

  • Water is the best drink, it provides minerals and is good for an excelent digestion.
  • It has no fats/calories.
No sugars, no fats

The healthiest

Better food

  • A varied diet is the best way of having a healthy life.
  • You must eat from all kind but small size.
  • MEDITERRANEAN DIET: modern nutritional recommendation inspired by the dietary patterns of Greece. It includes all type of food...
"You are what you eat."
Fruits are a potential of vitamins and antioxidants.

Reduce snacks and sweets

  • Cut down on sugars, sweets and fast food.
  • A daily piece of DARK chocolate is good (vital minerals and heart protector)
Some dark chocolate IS GOOD


  • Doctors make such an important paper, we must have a general revision once a year for knowing that everything is okay, instead, if something wrong happens and we don't know, is worst.
  • Also a clean and healthy mouth is necessary. For avoiding caries (mouth infections)
"It´s better to prevent that not to cure".
Clean and healthy TEETH

Consider your social network

  • Although we usually don't give importance to social relations, is a main way for living. Without people's communicatio we won't be able to be psychologically and mentally well enough.
Mantein an active relationship and you'll be happier.

Meet with Friends and Family.



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