Welcome to the Drone Age By: Mark talman

Drones, also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems (RPAS), were initially used on the sole purpose to provide a vantage point for the military, especially in some situations where manned flight would be considered too risky--or dangerous. The military equipped some of their drones with artillery as well as a camera, in order to take photographs and/or record footage of their surroundings as well as potential threats. Nowadays, drones are no longer utilized primarily for spying and warfare. Over recent years, drones have evolved with their growing presence in social media.

This is what a typical drone would look like in war
A basic outline of the functions of a drone used in war.

I believe that drones will make a huge impact on the media and communication technology for the many years to come. The reason being for this is due to them being able to further improve work ethics while avoiding the risk of the individual piloting the drone injuring themselves. It is also beneficial in the workplace as it is able to do things such as; capture live broadcasts for news organizations and other media sources, sending packages by delivery, farmers surveying crops/fields, along with utilizing them for recreational use like taking aerial photographs or footage.

With such capabilities, there are some cons that follow that are inevitable, including:

  • People using it with the intention of causing any trouble, or interfering with the privacy of others
  • controversy revolving around accidental injuries or even the drones used in warfare murdering innocent people
  • If not controlled carefully it could potentially crash/collide with anything in its surrondings. A YouTuber by the name of Casey Neistat, is known for breaking several drones which could cause property damage.
  • Susceptible to explode
  • Could potentially be used in drug trafficking and/or other contraband
A Drone Outbreak

There are currently laws and regulations constantly being established, in order to regulate the use of drones, and prevent from any further harm. Some places in the world have even banned the use of any drones, as they want to ensure aerial safety as well as security for others.

In conclusion, technology will continue to enhance, as well as improvements will be made towards the drones in the mere future. Drones will add versatility to being able to take off, land as well as detect any boundaries and/or obstacles, on its own, without the need of controlling. While also being used for mainstream delivery and utilized for commercial use for photography and filming. This advancement will only showcase its true usefulness.


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