Animation Assignment Animating a quote by T.s eliot

QUOTE: "anxiety is the handmaiden of creativity"

Dark room with old desk and chair. Completely white man to contrast. Typewriter and crumpled paper. light.

Type of animation: Stop Motion/cut frame animation

Colour scheme: electric blue and neon accents.

PLOT: My film takes place in a large black room with a single table and chair and a man painted almost entirely white to contrast. Sharp and jagged shots occur as breathing gets heavier and the man's hand twitches as he reaches for ink. A type writer is sitting on the desk and the man appears pained as his heart beat rises, he sweats and his voices fill his head. Slowly through the pained movements he begins typing, his heartbeat faster and faster as he does. As the shots become faster, sharper and the heartbeat sound grows louder he begins typing more and more. Suddenly everything goes silent and he takes his hands off the typewriter. The line chapter one is revealed and a pan out shot of the tired man appears concludes the film.

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