Classico Berardenga Identification of the winery CRUs project

The Association

The Association Classico Berardenga was established in 2015, the will of a group of producers of Chianti Classico in the district of Castelnuovo Berardenga to give voice to its territory and its wines, preserving and enhancing the immense heritage of culture, history and traditions the distinguishes the Land of Berardenga.
It is considered the «Most Sienese Chianti Classico» for its closeness to Siena and its relationship with Siena’s prestigious history.
Castelnuovo Berardenga is the southernmost commune in the Chianti Classico growing area, located on the borders of the Crete Senesi district.

The winegrowers

Canonica a Cerreto, Carpineta Fontalpino, Castell’in Villa, Castello di Bossi, Fattoria della Aiola, Fattoria di Corsignano, Fèlsina, La Lama, Lecci e Brocchi, Losi Querciavalle, Oliviera, Podere Le Trosce, Poggio Bonelli, San Felice, Scheggiolla, Tenuta Cappellina, Tenuta di Arceno, Terra di Seta, Tolaini, Vallepicciola, Villa a Sesta, Villa di Geggiano.

Growing area

The ecological characteristics of this area favor its main activity: viticulture
The Geological diversity of its soils, with three predominant soil types for viticulture: macigno del Chianti, galestro, and Pleistocene sands.
Optimal climate for grape-growing, from its geographical position and environment, largely facing south, at elevations of 250-500 meters.
Presence of a rich ecosystem of high biodiversity, with vineyards alternating with woods, olive groves, and other crops.

Identification of the winery CRUs project

With the 2018 harvest, the winegrowers belonging to the Classico Berardenga Association launched the Estate CRUs Characterization Project, an important and effective tool to safeguard the quality and traits of the wines, in addition to promoting and developing the area.
The project is a multidisciplinary study aimed at deepening knowledge about the vineyards and wines in the Chianti Classico production zone within the Municipality of Castelnuovo Berardenga. The research will be conducted for three years into the vineyards belonging to the wineries, focusing on the best individual areas chosen by each winery.
The study calls for geological, soil, climatic, agronomical and oenological surveys to understand the interaction between the main factors that lead to the shaping of characteristics in Sangiovese-led wines, which is the main exponent of this land’s geological diversity and the principal grape for the entire appellation.
Promoted and coordinated on behalf of the association, the study is being conducted by AGER Agricoltura e Ricerca, a company at the forefront of research in the agricultural sector. This collaboration enables the winegrowers of Classico Berardenga to use innovative computer tools to study and understand a land in terms of precision viticulture and zonation.
A vinification protocol has been designed that will direct conduct of the study, intended to homologize winemaking procedures of the various wineries involved, from grape reception through to maturation. Each producer is required to conduct the study in conformity with the established guidelines with respect to analyses effected on grapes, musts, and wines, through the various steps of production (ripening, picking, fermentation, and maturation).
The participating wineries are already seeing the advantages and soon they will be able to use another tool that will allow them to make the best choices in the vineyard and the cellar, thereby improving the quality of their wine production as an expression of the terroir.
The project’s results will lead to the definition of a shared identity among the participating wineries through a coordinated strategy aimed at strengthening the bond between Castelnuovo Berardenga and the area’s Chianti Classico.
The Estate CRUs Characterization Project is a new step for the Chianti Classico appellation, which will contribute towards new growth strategies, encouraging the publication of this type of research defining and promoting territories in their entirety.

I CRU di Terra Vocata

«I CRU di Terra Vocata» is the title that the Viticoltori di Classico Berardenga bestowed upon the Sangiovese micro-vinifications that are the fruit of the project.
The grapes for the micro-vinifications are from each winery’s finest vineyards, for 3 successive harvests, starting with that of 2018.
  • CARPINETA FONTALPINO: Dofana e Montaperto
  • CASTELL’IN VILLA: Poggio delle Rose e Porghino
  • CASTELLO DI BOSSI: Selva e Cantina
  • FATTORIA DELLA AIOLA: Poggio del Tracco
  • FÈLSINA: Mandorli e Malena
  • LA LAMA: Sottolaia
  • LECCI E BROCCHI: Ragonaia
  • POGGIO BONELLI: Vigna Porgo
  • SAN FELICE: Poggio Rosso
  • TENUTA DI ARCENO: Il Boschetto
  • TERRA DI SETA: Vigna del Pozzo
  • TOLAINI: Vigna Montebello sette e Vigna Montebello nove
  • VILLA A SESTA: Caggio e Cava
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