Trebuchet Infograph By: riley brown

In Medieval Europe there was a attack method known as a Siege,a siege is when a military particularly a other kingdoms knights surround the enemy's castle cutting off any supplies. While doing so at the same time they try to enter by taking over the walls or just plain ol' walking in if there is no gate to protect their enemies. From there on they try to take over the kingdom or castle which ever word you prefer. In that time they are attacking they usually had a weapon of some sort that they used. At this moment I'll be telling you about the wonderful trebuchet.

Trebuchet is a large sling shot action machine.(Source: Spark Adobe Images)

Most trebuchets are large sling shots basically that throw large boulders or rocks maybe even a hot oil was in it to fling it upon the enemy.

(Source: Google images)

The picture above shows the many parts used in a trebuchet.They look simple yet they are very complicated.Some quick little facts is that a trebuchets beam extends from 10-15 Ft long.As well as the sling give the projectile most of its speed. (Facts come from )

(Source: Google Images)

Trebuchets come in all shapes and sizes, some big some small others are in between. I guess to sum it all up trebuchets are huge slingshot that throw giant rocks , fire balls or other things.Honestly you can throw almost anything out of a trebuchet.There's not much to know about trebuchets but they are definitely interesting.


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