Too much is spent on electronics/games? By Ashwini


Lately lots of electronic retailers have been stating that a lot of video game consoles are being bought. This might be a concern that your child has made you spend a lot more than you think and these games are not good for them. Although this is most certainly not the case. Usually kids are suggested games by their friends and sometime they are even educational. Plus parents spend a lot more than they used to on educational resources and plus people care more about what they wear and look like and what they want to eat to remain fit and healthy. This is why I think that parent don't spend a lot of money on games/electronics.

To begin with, lots of parents are a lot more compeditive than before and really want their child to excel in schooling and studies. This is why lots more parents buy books for extra practice and personally this is all available on the internet. This is why teachers tend to use this electrical devices that may contain games which teachers confiscate devices for playing rather than heavy books thus more electrical devices as it is more easier to carry. Plus nowsday global warming is a big issue so teachers try to save paper and do almost everything in electrical format.

Continuing on, lots of children prefer to look better than explaining their interests. They don't play as much on the Xbox or PS4 as they used to. This means that they spend a lot of time trying to look perfect and how they like to be dressed as for each occasion which means lots and lots of clothes. Plus if they want to let people that weren't there know what they did then teenagers usually take pictures. This is the only reason people use phones. Plus that mean that parents spend more on clothing than anything.

Food is something that people prefer different amounts of like some who eat a lot and some who eat very little. Either way these people eat food nonetheless and that means they spend alot more than they do on games. Plus people that do dieting only use devices for diet plans and don't play games as they need to be fit and healthy. So the only other use is to the find a recipe on a device or play a game while you wait for somthing to cook which takes only five to ten minutes.


To end with, not as much money is spent on electronics and game as was used to. This is because their is alot more compition in education, clothing styles are more of the reason people spend money and finally food is consumed by everybody so that is needed a lot more than games and electronics. Although some people may still disagree, not that they will after they read this I'm still very firm on my choice and therefore completely believe you should agree with me.

Thank you for reading my persuasive text and I hoped that it convinced you!!😃😃


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