Should Gender Equality Happen in a Workplace? Lauren Todd

Gender inequality is a large problem in most workplaces, and from what is shown in statistics, women are the largest victims. It is proven that sexual harassment lawsuits-that are filed by women- have remained high in the past few years. Also, it is said that women have been treated more demeaning and less professional in their workplace, which is neither fair or right. Most likely, women do not feel safe or appreciated in their work environment.

Today in the U.S., only 24% of CEO’s are women. This is a devastating fact, and unfortunately it gets worse. Those 24% of female CEO’s only earn about 74.5% as much as male CEO’s. This is because women are seen as more incapable and incompetent than men, which is sexist and unfair. Another unfortunate fact, is that if men keep getting the promotions for this higher job, the small percent of female CEO’s will keep decreasing.

According to statistics, men are 30% more likely to get promotions than women. People see men as stronger and more of a leader than women. It is unfair that women are thought of as lesser than men because of their gender, and not judged based upon their talent or hard work. Although, the percent of men that got promotions for hard work and dedication is not shared or accounted for.

With 500 female respondents participating in this poll, it is shown that 54% of women have experienced sexual harassment in their work environment. Women are considered as weak and powerless and thus an easy target to attack or harass at work, and not that men should be harassed, but women should be treated and considered as an equal. Although, not just women get harassed. At least 21% of men get harassed in their work environment, and even though that is not a big number, it still very much matters.

In conclusion, women are not treated equally, or nicely for that matter, in their work environment. Sexual harassment and unfair treatment are most common form of inequality in a workplace, which you might have figured out in my essay. There is much work to be done to help demolish this problem, but it is possible. Men and women are not so different, and with work we can make the world see that.

Gender inequality,

Is a serious thing

I am woman,

You are man,

Besides the “wo”

What is the difference?

Nothing besides my outside appearance

Men don’t understand the mistreatment women get,

Just because of a little more hair

And a lot more makeup.

Women are underestimated and mistreated,

Overlooked and treated unfairly,

Misjudged because we are thought of weak and lesser,

Every woman has the right to be enraged by this,

No we will not let it affect us.


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