Physician-assisted medication for the terminal ill By: Sarah LeBlanc

I am Sarah LeBlanc and I am an advocate for the terminal ill.

The right to die should ultimately be up to the terminal ill. Being forced to live in pain and agony is absurd and inhumane. What can we do to help? Speak up, use your voice, and take full advantage of your first amendment right!

Currently only 5 states permit PAS practice

The right to die should be a fundamental freedom. Having the option can drastically help those suffering from a terminal illness. Patients can die with their dignity intact and on their own terms rather their illness reducing them to a shell of a person. If you have a friend family member or spouse who was deemed less than six months to live would you rather have them endure pain and agony from inevitable death, or die in peace? There are also many advantages to the second options: Medical and health care expenses can be reduced, and the patients loved ones pain can be addressed.

Above is a picture of my Aunt Deanna LeBlanc, and to her side is my Grandma Pattie Stewart, age 63 who recently passed away on April 13, 2017. My grandma was a terminal illness patient. For months my family had to witness the cancer take control over her body. Pattie lived in Ozark, Arkansas one of the 45 states that does not allow PAS statues. I only wish that others do not have to endure the amount of pain my family has in these last couple of months. My grandma was a lively soul, always active, enjoying BBQ and family outings, and in the end she was almost in a vegetative state no longer independent, having to be assisted with the basic niceties of life like eating, and personal hygiene that alone is worse than death.

WE TO TAKE A STAND. The terminal patients need OUR help. We need to be the voices, and fight for their fundamental right! Join with me and help other families today! Studies show that those prescribed life ending medication from a physician around 30 percent do take the medication, but at least they have the option available to them. I believe that death should be in our control, and nobody else's.

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Sarah LeBlanc

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