this is your office " online Entrepreneur "

plug n play

instant & easy access

we can teach anyone with the right attitude!

read through this presentation slowly! we let the presentations do all the work for us. So our job is to invite people to the presentations.

we're learning by doing - so listen carefully and learn!
we chose where
we chose when
we chose format
we chose a pocket size cloud-based income
we have easy access to the products - we order online! directly from ForeverGreen

we run our own personal webshop - it costs you 13€ - once!

Everything is automated for you. The webshop deliver products world wide directly to the endusers. ForeverGreen takes care of order handling, payments, shipping and client support for you. The set up fee for your webshop is 13€. After that:

  • you chose where and when you want to work
  • you chose who you want to work with - chose carefully! only good people you trust
  • you create your own work place - all you need is a phone, tablet or a laptop

have fun!

It all starts with people happy with the products. So people need to understand why use the products and try them out. When they do know that the products promotes their wellbeing they will reorder. They will set up an autoship so that some products are sent out every month. You can change this autoship all the time depending on what you want to use. All time favourites available in Europe and world wide are SOLARstrips, POWERstrips, FREQUENSEA PRO, and PULSE-8. Many of us use a little of all. You should go through different presentations about these products, testimonials and just try them out. You woun't regret it. If you want to start the day with a smile - start with the SOLARstrips. If you have aches, pain and stiffness - start with the SOLARstrips. If you want to rejuvenate your face - start with an amazing telomere skin product called BEAUTYstrips. Also look into why science tell that there is a connection between aging and our telomeres. All people should look into the science behind nitric oxide and how it is related to heart and cardiovascular disease. And why an l-arginine complex product like PULSE-8 is so important. So

we also share a well derserved income from a job well done

For many 150€ a month is welcome! if it is something you can do this easy. But it all starts with you. Once you know how you make 150€ a month the next step is 150€ a week. The method is the same. Make sure you have at least 2 that implement "teach 2 to reach 2" ideology. That is your job. If you are very dedicated on helping others you can even make 150€ a day. Then you can make a living as a partner with us and ForeverGreen. And this is what we do:

we send the link to this presentation
we make sure people recieve it and take the time to read it through
we use Social Media and messaging person to person. Privately.
peer-to-peer connecting and a chain reaction

we may get paid from the whole chain reaction we started!

we only send invitations and presentations person to person. We do not post openly and publicly. This is personal. Quality. Not quantity (no spamming! no flooding the Facebook wall). We are not into marketing and sales - we are into educating ourselves about the products. We are into using the products! We learn and teach others:

  1. why use the products
  2. how you order the products
  3. how you invite people to presentations

this is Our job!

watch the video!!

teach 2 to reach 2!

That's the path to a proper chain reaction, momentum, and a proper sustainable income. We get paid from the products people buy. When people stay happy with the products and the company and our support - we can eventually retire on residual income.

the envelope model - shipping world wide
people order online

BUY NOW = customer

Join Us = you partner up with us! do it! = )

income requirement:

a reorder or autoship of products for at least 50CV every 4 weeks. In reality that's using ForeverGreen products on an average for 2€ to 3€ a day (between $2 and $3 a day).

You're also required to personally sign up at least 2 persons on this. We can together find thousands of happy end users of the products with the basic mindset of "teach 2 to reach 2". When and if you get a share from that turn over - it is the smartest way to make an income in the world. Nothing compares. Learn more about how to make a proper income and why we all should understand why we all should create a residual income.

you need the unique link from the person who directed you to this presentation. When you are a partner with us you can in your turn share your unique FGxpress link to your peer. There are different affiliate links you can use but one looks like this: _______.fgxpress.com and in front of the adress is your alias or partner ID number. Like this: yourownalias.fgxpress.com Always send your own link to a person who want to buy products or join us. You set up this link of yours in the FGxpress back office when you log in. So; join us! order your first set of products for at least 50 CV. Setup an autoship for at least 50 CV a month. Set up your own links. Invite people to presentations. Teach 2 to reach 2 and multiply the model.

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Kim Ribacka


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