Chivalry Knights code of honor

What Chivalry meant

The idea of Chivalry arose from medieval Europe and it was the Code of Conduct for the "Knighthood." It was based on honor religion, and bravery but also was grounded on individual training and service to others, and protection of women and the weak. To the general public of Europe the word demonstrated high social and moral values.

What were chivalrys rules

The rules knight had to follow were specific and strict. And we're called the Ten Commandments of chivalry. They instructed knight how to lead an honorable religious life.

A knights armor

Knight armor's complexity varies between ranks and classes. But a standard knights would be made of mostly metal. It would have a metal plate covering the chest called a breast plate. And the limbs would have metal on them but not over joint like you would think. They had something over the joint called chain mail. It was little ring connected to eacheother to make almost a shirt of flexible metal. This was used the to cover the area of the body that needed constant movement like elbows and neck. It had a helmet that usually had breathing holes and depending on the rank of the knight the mouth area was static or it flipped up. A knights main weapon would be a sword. Sometimes a bow, ax, flail. And the knight have a shield.

Steps to becoming a knight

Step 1 The right connections : it was almost impossible for a peasant to be a knight because weapons were expensive, so knight were almost always from noble family's.

Step 2 Upbringing: at the age of seven boys were expected to know basic good manners, and roles of knights and chivarly

Step 3 The Page : a young boys will wait tables clean clothes and perform other duties. Then they will learn basic fighting skills and some horsemanship

Step 4 The Squire : arguably the most step to becoming a knight. A squire graduated from simple duties and started learning more advanced skills, like sword fighting , archery and jousting. And other cultural things like etiquette, music,and dancing. They aided knights in battle putting on armor and tending to horses. Many of them died adding there masters and never became knights.

Step 5 The Knight : the final step at the age 21 the squires transition into knights at a special.

The Five Steps to Knighthood : the journey from a little child to a skilled, and respected young man.


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