my ideal career beautician

In order to be successful, a makeup artist must have acquired specific types of knowledge and several years of specialised training. Freelance beauticians, mobile beauticians, spa owners, and beauty salon owners require numerous skills and qualifications outside the realm of simple beauty therapy.

Be outgoing, people orientated, and relaxed. The makeup artist must be able to get along with and be comfortable working with everyone. Be trustworthy, discreet, and dependable. The beautician has to be able to keep confidences, not be prone to gossip about others, and must be someone the clients can rely on, even in emergencies. Be able to perform work in an unobtrusive, non-invasive mannerIn general, a beautician is an individual who works in a salon, usually as a hair stylist. Sometimes, though, beauticians are trained in providing many types of beauty and personal care services, from manicures to brow waxes to makeup applications. The types of services you'll be able to provide as a beautician will depend on the licenses you have.

salary and wages per year

£8K £10K £12K £14K £16K £18K £20K £22K £24K £26K Entry-Level0-5 years Mid-Career5-10 years Experienced 10-20 years Late-Career 20 years

examples of a beautician CV

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