Themes Taylor Garcia

Theme 1- There is two sides to everything.

"White is without question a color"(6)

I choice this quote because there is two sides of either white is a color or not. There is two sides to every situation or object and disarangents and comparisons. The quote is more about books and words. Your decision is usually based on your likes and beliefs.

Real world example would be the movie the Titanic.

The titanic has two sides to it. It depends on how you looked at it. Theres the people on the boats side the people watching view and etc. There could be good and bad sides on both in the movie just like a book and revealing back to my theme, there is two sides to everything.

Theme 2

When you die you want to die happy and satisfied

"If they killed him tonight, at least he would die alive"(158)

This quote explains that if he was going to die tonight his life wasn't wasted and he is alive not dead inside and haven't filled goals in life. This quote brings up my theme because my theme is when you die you want to die happy and satisfied. You never going to know when you'll die so just do things that make you happy when you can rather when your to late.

A real world example is the song Die a happy man by Thomas Rhett

I choice this song because he is singing about a man that was happy his life and experienced new things and learned what he needed to learn and knows he will die a happy man. This is basically exactly what my theme is talking about. Keep the ones you love and positivity close while you can and all the negativity and hate out of your life the best you can.

Theme 3

Anyone can change there perspective of anything.

"I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right." (528)

This quote fits with my theme because Liesel has hated words for a long time and learned to change and learn to love them and change them to her point of view and others and hoping she made them right. She changed her perspective on words and books and many people around the world do the same.

A real world example is animals they change there perspective on there everyday life experiences.

They have changes come at them all the time and adapt and look at there life in a different way. They overcome obstacles and become better protectors for there pack or family and all adapt tougher.


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