Go Kart Project Luis echevarria

Today we began sketching out what we believe to be the base of our go kart
Today we got more intense into our sketches
We now know our exact measurements that we need to be successful
Today we found out how we will be turning the go kart
We lasered our body out to have a model in front of us and something to base our project off of
Today we started to put tape on our plywood to see how big our measurements will be
Today we began to take apart the bike to get our chain & gears for the go kart
This is how we want our wheels to be attached to our gear
I created this back spoiler to be attached on to the back of the base that rob built
This is the piece that rob made so I can attach my spoiler
This is our final onshape creation before we move it to vcarve and cut it ou
This is the way we want to set up our drill in order to have acceleration
Everything has been put on and everything fits accordingly
The pieces being put together
We are trying to figure out our steering system to be successful
This is my spoiler attached to the base
Our idea of how we want to do the brakes to our go kart


We started to put the wheels onto the body. We had to changed our original plan so the wheels will be more stable
Drilled everything into place
Both sides are into place now

Steering system

we have a pvc pipe going through the middle to turn. The string on the bottom are what actually turn the steering
Connecting the strings

Acceleration Sytem

We have a place where the drill fits accordingly into place
the chain has to be set up so we can put everything together

Braking system

We decided to use a hand brake for our go kart because we felt like that was our best option
You have to pull the handle I order for the go kart to come to a stop
We put this rubber piece so it will cause more friction to stop


This is our electronic system which gives us 2 lights & a beeping sound to signify a horn

Final gokart

Our final go kart was a success!!!

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