User Chair Sides engineers, Data SCientists and product in the wild


2 Engineers, 2 Data Scientist, 1 Product Manager, 1 Engineer Lead


Chair Sides or Field Study are a research method to better understand users environment, ecosystems and behavior. Chair Sides provide deeper contextual evidence for individuals who especially don't normally have contact with users. Finally, chair sides allow for participants to visually see users and be able to empathize with them more.

Analytics can show WHAT the users are doing but chair sides can answer the WHY


Client: TCG and Robert Half 5 Recruiters and 1 Admin (SRG)

Data Scientist (Ren) and Engineer ( Eveng)
  • Users want to be able to upload resumes to SalesForce from Resume databases (convergence/Integration)
  • New Recruiter- used CB for 2 weeks and but then switched to DICE because they didn’t find what they were looking for.
  • Recruiter wanted to view only Contract resumes but didn't see or use contract filter.
  • New or Least experience person needs domain knowledge and easily frustrated
  • Dice had a better visuals user able to scan resumes for skills and job titles, quickly
  • Recruiters keep all information in Email.
"I much rather search in Email. It's much Easier"
Engineer Manager (Brian) and Product Manager (Kurt)
  • Recruiter indicated she doesn’t use CB because she uses a spread sheet to find candidates. Users create their own databases of contacts.
  • Users have the tabs for CB tools but don't click on or use additional any tools.( Recruitment Edge)
  • Recruiter doesn't know where to go or who to ask if they don't know how to do something or find something. Knowledge sharing is limited
  • Resume Freshness is crucial in search process.
  • Relevant Resumes, measured by the right skills, are important to recruiters.
”Boolean searches help get rid of the Shit”
Data Scientist (Brent) and Engineer ( Jimmy)
  • Recruiter were very Low tech. Folders, Paper, White Board information.
  • 10 touches 10 interviews = Daily goals.
  • More concerned about getting in touch with people.
  • Simplicity of information is an important experience.
  • Users started with emails first and then Job Posting
  • Users were super aggravated at how slow salesforce is.
  • Sourcing Resume from the RDB most common usages.
  • Success for Users- How many people are in starting (filling positions)


Are the main problems and opportunities our products and features need to solve for users?





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