Mick Rock Portrait Photographer

Mick Rock is a British photographer born in 1948. He now lives in New York with his wife & Daughter.

He is most famous for the Rock Star Portraiture he took in the 70's. From David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Queen and Blondie. His Photography career did not stop there though, in recent years he has photographed famous names such as, Snoop Dogg, Alicia Keyes, Michael Buble & Ellie Goulding.

He started out by sneaking his camera into Rock concerts. His career took off in 1972 when he met the then almost unknown David Bowie and went on to document the rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust.

He has Photographed over 100 cover albums.

He is one of the Photographers I’ve been following for sometime, his style of capturing celebrities fascinates me. His ability to portray the nitty gritty of celebrities life and turn it into a work of art is inspiring.

He is most famous for the Iconic Image of Queen on their Album Cover, based on an idea from an old black & white Photo Mick Rock came across of Marlene Dietrich..

I love his work on the Rocky Horror Show, I admired this work long before I knew who the photographer was. Learning about Mick Rock as a photographer opened up an avenue of photography I had not thought about or even considered, Even though I still do not know where I want to specialize yet or what my calling is within photography, Mick Rocks work, among a few other photographers, has taught me that the choices and opportunities within Photography are Vast and Endless.

Another of the Famous Rock Icons Mick worked with was David Bowie, Micks unique ability to capture and portray moods, atmosphere and expression is what I most admire about his work. I love the two styles of lighting at work in this photo.

Other than his website, and the interviews he has done, there is not allot of information readily available on him as a Photographer, in comparison to other famous photographers.

Some of his new work can be seen in this screenshot from his website.

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