Janina R. Williams Writer Editor Consultant

Hello, my name is Janina R. Williams. I'm a Chicago writer, editor, and consultant. I also dabble in design. I studied English and Communications and have been a writer for over twenty years.

I live in Wicker Park next to the Blue Line with my husband, our son, and our two pets.

I have a deep appreciation for beautiful things like Chicago in the summertime, breakfasts and dinners made by my talented husband, deep conversations with my son, museum members nights, drinks on the river, new music, knowledge, detailed, custom design, organization, good manners, glass objects, emotional rawness, creativity, and kickboxing with my husband.

Your unique project + old school values = custom ideas for success.

Writing and editing are beautiful things.

Please send your manuscript as a .docx file to janinawilliams@gmail.com.

Your manuscript will be edited and returned to you with Track Changes in Microsoft Word.

Style Guides

Style guides are a set of writing standards. The Chicago Manual of Style is the industry standard for most publishers.


"You are a master, a genius, a sage, and if I could afford it, I'd send you a ten quadrillion dollar check! You motivated me to write and successfully coached me through the process." -Rohn H.

"I really appreciate the substantive feedback you provided - I’m confident that my first chapter is as polished as it can be at this point and I have you to thank for that." -Kayla S.

Keep working. Don't stop. You got this.

For more information, please contact me at janinawilliams@gmail.com. Take care!


All photos were taken by me, Janina R. Williams.