AutoQuotes High Quality by Media Department and AQ Photographer

Customers are 25% more likely to make a purchase if the product's images have zoom capability as provided by high resolution images.

Boston Consulting Group, 2013, BCG.com

Tips from the AutoQuotes Photographer

We would suggest using a camera that has manual setting. This can be achieved with higher end point-and-shoot, DSLR, Mirrorless and Medium or Large format cameras. Below is a basic guideline to set up your camera for product photography:
  • Place camera on tripod to reduce camera shake.
  • Manual settings are preferred but not necessary.
  • Set camera to highest resolution. (Megapixels)
  • Use the lowest ISO setting to achieve clean grain free photos. (Below ISO 400)
  • Use higher aperture settings for greater depth of field. (F8-F22)
  • Select white balance setting to match lighting used. Auto White balance can be used but can create inconsistent color when shooting multiple products.
  • Using a longer focal length helps to reduce distortion. Wide angle lens can exaggerate the product and incorrectly represent the product being shot.
  • Shutter speed will be determined by the amount of light and aperture used. Once you have dialed in your aperture and ISO adjust your shutter speed a capture the accurate exposure.

-Damon Craig, AQ Media Specialist and Product Photographer

Setup Tips

Background Setup: Whether you’re using natural or studio lighting you should always use a solid color seamless background (preferably white) for product photography.

Lighting: Using window lighting is about the easiest way to shoot products. North windows are preferred to reduce any direct sunlight and help produce an image with soft even lighting. Strobes, flashes, and constant lights are a better choice for creating consistent product photos.

Styling: Styling products is necessary to create a clean product shot. Straighten casters, dials, utensils, bottles, etc… Pay close attentions to reflections when dealing with reflective material. Cleaning or polishing products before shooting will help reduce Photoshop cleanup in post processing.

Meet the Expert

Damon Craig joined AutoQuotes with almost a decade of experience in commercial photography. Damon has been professionally trained by one of the leading commercial photographers in Florida, focusing on advertising. In this time Damon has worked closely with marketing professionals to create photos that capture the vision for their products and campaigns. He also brings to AutoQuotes a wealth of knowledge in image processing, retouching and color accuracy. Outside of his commercial work Damon enjoys photographing weddings, family portraits, cars and sporting events.

How to Submit High Quality Images

  1. Contact AutoQuotes Media Department for a custom Dropbox Link.
  2. Provide AQ Media with access to your resource libraries
  3. Send media on flashdrive or disk to our offices
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