The Monomyth By CAilin and Lauren

Also known as the "Hero's Journey" the monomyth is a common narrative template in which a hero goes on an adventure, faces trials, wins a victory, and returns home.

Goes on an adventure

Goes through trials

Wins a Victory

And returns home transformed

The story begins in the Ordinary World where the hero lives a safe and normal life. The audience is introduced to the hero as an everyday man and gets to learn about the hero's character.

Examples of this include:

Who are these characters and where do we first meet them?

Next the hero receives a Call to Adventure. Something disrupts the hero's everyday life and challenges him/her to go on an adventure.

Examples include:

Does anyone know what these represent?

Refusal of Call. Initially the hero refuses the call to action because of doubts, fears or obligations.

Meeting the Mentor: At this point the hero, in need of guidance, meets someone who provide them with something they need (insight, training, advice, ect.)

Crossing the Threshold: This is the point in the story when the hero is ready to accept the call and sets out on their adventure and crosses the point of no return.

Tests, Allies and Enemies: The hero encounters a series of obstacles which he must overcome on his journey towards his greater goal. He/she may meet allies and enemies who will each, in their own way, help prepare him for the challenges ahead.

Approach to the Inmost Cave: The inmost cave may be an actual dangerous location or a conflict which the hero has yet to face. As he/she approaches the cave, the hero must make his/her final preparations for the central challenge ahead.

  • Harry preparing to retrieve the Sorcerer's Stone
  • Frodo's Journey leads him closer to Mordor

Ordeal: This is a great challenge in which he must use the knowledge and skill he has acquired throughout his quest. Through some form of "death" the hero is then reborn, at which point he gains access to a great power or insight which will enable him to fulfill his destiny.

Reward: After surviving death and overcoming his greatest challenge the hero is transformed, emerging as a stronger person and often receiving a prize.

The Road Back: The hero anticipates his return home with his prize. He may need a final push to make the decision to return to the ordinary world.

Resurrection: This is the climax in which the hero must have his final dangerous encounter. This battle has far-reaching consequences to the ordinary world the hero left behind. The hero will ultimately succeed and emerge a changed person upon his victory.

Return with the Elixir: In this final stage, the hero returns home to the ordinary world a changed person. He/she has grown as a person, and brings home to the people back home. The hero has returned to where he started, but will never be the same again.


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