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My name is Anna Best. I grew up in a small apartment. We lived in Paris, France. I am a triplet of Jaz and Kima. I got separated from my mom because she did not pass the medical test and, my dad fell over bored and died. Kima, Jaz, and I have to survive on our own now. It was very hard to get food. A lot of people got sick including Jaz my youngest triplet. Im the oldest then Kimma Then Jaz. Me and Kimma had to take care of her. Luckily she got better before the trip. When we saw the Statue of Liberty Kimma thought it looked like a great big green blob of paint. We got to stay in our mothers sisters house. It was the biggest house I saw in my whole life! My room was like me, Kimma, and Jaz's room combined. Since we all like to be by each other, we got walking closest that lead into each others rooms. There were too other kids staying with us. There names were Loren and Joe. Loren is 8 and Joe is 12. DING DONG! oh I said, its are aunt and uncles neighbor he is staying with us. His name is Morten Berchten. He's been my aunts neighbor since we were all 3. Our aunt and uncle are very kind to let us stay here. We all started middle school. Luckily we were all in the same class.We met Lilli, Ryan, and Emma. The bad part was that Emma was the school bully. She liked to pretend that she was the queen bee. She was actually the most pretest, and popular-est in the school. Her 2 side friends were Alison and Hanna. Like in the movies, were there's one girl in the middle and 2 girls on the side. But in this case it was Emma in the middle Alison on the left and Hanna on the right. They always walk near me and give me mean faces. At lunch time I sat by Kimma. Then Emma came over by us and said that's our table so move it! I said No! All of a sudden the whole lunch room went silent. When we got home Aunt Melissa and Uncle Ian came home. Wait a minute where is Jaz! JAZ WHERE ARE YOU! Guys i have no clue where she is, I checked every room, and closet! I might know where she is sai Kimma. She's probably in the backyard on the monkey bars, and of course she was. Jaz whats Wrong I said. Nothing. Why do you look sad. I just.......got bullied by Emma. I ts ok Jaz lets just go to bed its late. Ok she said, and we all went to bed. In the morning I slept til 12:00 because it was Saturday, My favorite day because aunt Melissa makes her own waffles with whip cream and sprinkles. On Sunday Me Jaz and Kimma got asked to be on a show called Life with the best's we were all actresses.. From that day forward we were called "The Famous Three". Even Emma wanted our autograph, and we had a lot of money. We even have our own car and a house bigger that our Aunt and Uncle's house! We are all now the happiest triplets in the world! THE END!!

This is where we came from, Paris, France.
This is The Statue Of Liberty.

The Statue Of Liberty is a monument that stands in the New York Harbor. It was a gift from the United States. It is modeled after Libertas. She holds up a torch that stands for Liberty.

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