Mt. Baker Invitational Alpenglow Education Presents

Join us for our pursuit of the "Northern Sentinel" better known as Mt. Baker! Spend 6 days learning glacier travel, mountain travel techniques, steep snow/ice climbing, and more! This course fee includes all group gear and travel around Washington State.

What You'll Learn

  1. Glacier Travel
  2. Rope Team Travel
  3. Mountain Weather Forecasting
  4. Mountain Geology
  5. Outdoor Leadership Considerations
  6. And Much More!

Sample Itinerary

  1. Travel to Seattle and Drive to Mt. Baker
  2. Hike in and establish base-camp
  3. Snow school
  4. Advance snow school
  5. Summit Attempt
  6. Descend and depart for Seattle


Alpenglow will provide group equipment including tents, stoves, and cook gear. We will also provide group climbing equipment like ropes and snow protection

Personal Equipment

You'll need to provide personal climbing equipment. You can download the personal equipment list HERE

Course Food

Course participants will determine their own food menus before the course starts. Alpenglow will then purchase and provide the food for the course. You may also bring food with you if desired. The group(s) will also be responsible for cooking the food. Typically, on the last night of the course, the group eats dinner in town at a local restaurant. On the final morning of the course, participants have the option of eating breakfast typically at a local fast food place, or eating your own breakfast (i.e., oatmeal) at the campsite.


The course fee covers the cost of food, group gear, and equipment rentals. The fee does not cover your personal equipment needs or travel to and from Seattle, Washington.



Call or text 801.477.7544


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