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Hi, thanks for considering us to be part of your special day

Wedding photographers are really good at hiding their prices, we’re different! We also know that what’s offered can seem confusing, I experienced this when I looked for my own wedding photographer in 2011, so we try to keep it simple. Like most photographers, we offer different packages. The amount of coverage needed all depends on what parts of the day are important to you. Couples looking for traditional coverage usually book 8 hours – This starts with you getting ready and goes into the dancing in the evening - all the fun and shenanigans. But after being a part of hundreds of celebrations, we understand each wedding is as unique as the couple and won’t always fit the mold. So if you have something in mind please don’t hesitate to ask and we may be able to customise a package that suits you. One of the most important things to us is the delivery of your images - we believe photographs were meant to be printed. Wedding Albums are the perfect way for couples to have their wedding day story told, to be enjoyed and preserved for generations. Our larger photo packages have an album + USB of high/low res images ready to print included in the price. You may also choose to upgrade your album or buy one for parents too.

Behind the camera

I've always been interested in photography & started as a kid with film cameras. Using these cameras taught me one important lesson....make it count, you only have 24 shots! Then I began backpacking/ working around the world. I wanted to capture everything I saw. When my images were not representing my experiences I pursued an education in photography. I loved capturing colourful landscapes & beaches, but most of all the people I saw in faraway lands. I refined and perfected my skill. Then my 2 sons were born & I naturally pointed the camera at them. Soon my friends wanted me to take pictures of their kids, then came family & friends weddings. My evolution from enthusiastic amateur to professional has been totally organic – I never set out to make it my job, but all those years with a camera in my hand have given me an eye for capturing real moments & so, wedding photography has found me. I’m dedicated, friendly, adaptable, experienced and willing to go the extra mile. I have pro cameras and lenses and more importantly know how to use them to get amazing images. I prefer to use natural light & I like to capture people acting naturally. I live in Northern NSW, Australia. My work is mainly local but I do travel for couples (Special preferences given to tropical climates with waves or Japanese snow resorts).

Kevin Raison

Owner & Primary photographer

Package prices

All our packages have evolved over the years to fit with couples needs. We noticed during Covid that weddings were getting smaller, so we've trimmed things down to suit. With photo only packages some couples wanted to elope with 10 guests so we now have 3 hour coverage. More and more couples are choosing to have a video of their day to share with people who couldn't be there from far away, our packages reflect that.


1 x Photographer + 2x Videographers $4495 - This is the all-inclusive package that saves you money because you book photo & video together. You get the full wattleseed team all day. The best.

Photography includes

  • Pre-wedding consultation & help with timeline.
  • Professional editing of all images.
  • A sneak peek slideshow prepared within a week.
  • Online gallery.
  • A hardcover 20x20cm photo album with 80 images.
  • High and low-res images provided with full copyright to you.

Video includes

  • Multiple Cameras
  • Drone footage (weather & location permitting)
  • 1 minute social media trailer
  • Guest highlight reel
  • 6-8 minute cinematic feature film
  • Full ceremony film
  • Full speeches clip

Suggested timeline

  • 2.5hrs bride preparation (groom prep if close by)
  • 30mins Ceremony
  • 30mins Congratulations shots + Family formal shots
  • 1 - 1 1/2hr Bridal Party & Bride + Groom Location portraits
  • 3 hrs Reception – Venue Details/styling, Bridal party entrance, Speeches, Cutting of the Cake, First dance, candid guest + party/dancefloor shots

Photography packages


  • Pre-wedding consultation & help with timeline.
  • Photography on the day.
  • Professional editing of all images.
  • A sneak peek slideshow prepared within a week.
  • Online gallery.
  • USB of high & low-res images with full copyright to you.

Add a second photographer to your package for $350

Add an engagement shoot for $150



Comes with a 30x30cm premium album of 120 images & a 30min engagement session

The Deluxe all day package. This is for couples who want the best on their big day. No rushing so we can cover all angles in a fun and relaxed way. An engagement session so you get used to having a camera around and the best album.

  • 2 hrs Bride prep + 45 mins Groom prep
  • 30mins Ceremony
  • 30mins Congratulations shots + Family formal shots
  • 1 - 1.5hr Bridal Party & Bride + Groom Location portraits
  • 3hrs Reception – Venue Details/styling, Bridal party entrance, Speeches, Cutting of the Cake, First dance, candid guest + party/dancefloor shots.

5 HOURS Photo


Comes with a 20x20cm album of 80 images

This covers all your official moments without the big price tag. Your album is included so everything is done for you.

  • 1.5 hrs Bride prep (Groom prep if close by)
  • 30mins Ceremony
  • 30mins Congratulations shots + Family formal shots
  • 1 - 1 1/2hr Bridal Party & Bride + Groom Location portraits
  • Reception – Venue Details/styling, Candid shots of your guests, Bridal party entrance & Cutting of the Cake, First dance when done as soon as you enter.
Midginbil Hill



This is the package to choose if you have a smaller wedding or are on a budget but still want quality images.

  • 40mins Bride prep
  • 30mins Ceremony
  • 20mins Congratulations shots + Family formal shots
  • 1.5 hr Bridal Party & Bride + Groom Location portraits
Ewingsdale Wedding


When it comes to documenting your big day, it’s important to capture as many special moments as possible. The tears, the laughter, the emotions, the smiles and that atmosphere unlike any other. Whilst photos are fantastic for creating stunning portraits and beautiful, romantic moments frozen in time, a video adds an immersive dimension to your special day which still images simply cannot replicate. As skilled wedding film makers, our talented team can create a memorable, unique visual masterpiece which you will cherish for a lifetime.


  • Pre-wedding consultation & help with timeline.
  • Professional production bundle (lighting, sliders, gimbals, audio)
  • Videography on the day.
  • Professional editing & colour grading
  • USB with files formatted to be easily accessed, viewed and shared.
  • Highlights shared online


2 x Videographers $2800

The deluxe all day package with all the extras. This is for couples who want the best on their big day. Two film makers covering all angles.

  • Multiple Cameras
  • Drone footage (weather & location permitting)
  • 1 minute social media trailer
  • Guest highlight reel
  • 8-10 minute cinematic feature film
  • Full ceremony film
  • Speeches film


1 x Videographer $2200

This package covers all your essentials and gives you a full ceremony clip to look back on

  • Multiple Cameras
  • Drone footage (weather permitting)
  • 1 minute social media trailer
  • 6-8 minute cinematic feature film
  • Full ceremony film


1 x Videographer $1300

This is the package to choose if you have a smaller wedding or are on a budget but still want a quality film.

  • Multiple Cameras
  • 3-5 minute highlight reel
  • Full ceremony film
  • Drone Coverage (weather & location permitting) - $100
  • 1 Minute socials trailers $100

Your Wedding Album

Our top wedding packages include a hardcover photo album that is both stylish & contemporary. We choose Momento Pro albums as they are one of the world’s top album printers & an Australian company. It will be square and can be covered with a range of materials that work particularly well with wedding albums and the images are picked from your online gallery. You also have your names embossed on the album cover. The page stock is a premium stock with a subtle lustre and the finest inks are used for printing to ensure a long-lasting, quality product. It is possible to purchase extra albums for family members and it’s also possible to upgrade the album that is included in your package by paying the difference.

Extra Album costs:

20x20cm 80 images = $250 30x30cm 120 images = $350 30x30cm lay flat premium 160 images = $550

If you decide you would like us to be part of telling your wedding story, a non-refundable booking fee of 25% package price secures your date. We take no other bookings that day so we can completely concentrate on you. Once you have booked we like to organise a time to go to your venue(s) with you and walk through the day you have planned. We do this to see where the sunlight will be on the day. We can also chat about locations for your photos so that your day unfolds naturally and we don't have to keep asking where you would like to go next. We do not charge travel expenses for weddings between Ballina & Brisbane. Interstate and international weddings will occur fees to cover basic travel/accommodation.

Cowbell Creek

How do things normally run on the day?

We don't run off a shot list as we find it curbs creativity. Every wedding is different and the couples who embrace that, instead of trying to copy something from Pinterest or Instagram, have the best day. Many years of shooting weddings has taught us to put ourselves in the right place to get the shot, so you can relax and enjoy the moment. If there are any must take photos please let us know by writing them on the formal family shot list.

Bride & Groom Preparation

Beach House prep

When choosing the space for hair/makeup, somewhere with nice natural window light is ideal for photos. Rooms often have fluorescent or tungsten lights which give off weird colours, usually green or orange tones, which is not ideal for natural skin tones in your photos, particularly with spray tans. We prefer to turn all lights off and rely only on window light where possible. Also, neat & uncluttered looks better for photos, this is especially true for small spaces like hotel rooms. Another thing to consider is the distance between prep and your venue. Our time starts when we arrive at prep and time spent driving between is wasted.

• The day starts with the girls, mainly because they are usually on a strict hair & makeup schedule where more time and care is needed. The time our team arrives will depend on the package you have decided on and what time you need to leave for the ceremony. Beginning with some detailed shots of the flowers, dresses, shoes, jewelry, perfume etc. We ask for these things please be put in one area for easy access. Then moving on to natural and candid shots of what’s happening plus some photos of the hair & makeup being finishing. Once you get dressed we can get some nice portraits of you with the girls and your parents. Ideally you should be dressed and ready 30-45mins before you wish to leave so you can relax and enjoy the portrait session. • For the boys our team arrives 1 hour before you wish to leave for the ceremony. The groom and groomsmen should be showered and just dressed casually. we will shoot their wedding details (shoes, rings etc.) the boys having a drink and getting dressed in a very casual manner. Not much posing, just photos of the guys getting ready together. Once they are dressed they can get some nice portraits of the Groom with the boys and with his parents if they are around.


Byron Bay
• For your wedding ceremony We just let it all happen naturally and would prefer you forget we’re around. • We will capture you walking down the aisle and the look on your partners face when they first see you. And of course the rings and first kiss. • We only ask for one posed photo once you have signed the marriage certificate, with bride + groom + witnesses. We much prefer to capture the rest naturally as it happens. After the ceremony we will capture all the hugs, kisses and laughter as everyone congratulates you. • When you are ready, we will take a photo of you & all your guests together and photos of you both with your immediate families. The congratulations and family photos will generally take around 30-45mins. From past experience, this is the part of the day that can very quickly eat into precious location photo time. A ‘loud’ family or bridal party member who knows a majority of the guests in the photos to assist in ’rounding up the crew’ can save a lot of time here. Also remember you don't have to get a shot with every single group (close friends, favourite aunts etc) as there will be time at the reception for this. Best to stick to the really important people in your life.

Location Shoot

Ideally we go to the area we will be doing bridal party shots and have a quick picnic so you can have something to eat & drink after the ceremony. Once everyone is relaxed we get full bridal party shots and then we prefer to concentrate more on the bride & groom, especially with larger bridal parties. time can really fly here and I want to get you back to your guests. We recommend that you only spend 60 mins shooting and no more than 90mins from your guests.


• At the reception we will take photos of all your decorations and details including the cake, place settings, center pieces etc. • We get your big entrance to the reception and some candid shots of you & guests enjoying yourselves. • The package you have chosen will determine how much of the reception can be captured i.e. speeches, cake cutting & first dance. We find that these normally happen during the first half of the night. If you are planning on having your cake cutting and first dance later on in the night you may wish to consider a package with longer coverage.

A few tips that will make your images special

  • Think about the light. Couples tend to not consider, or not even know they have to consider, that the light changes throughout the day and different light will result in very different photographs. Having your ceremony too early will mean very harsh light.
  • Plan a party not a wedding. Sure, you’ll be getting married, but what you really want to plan is a big party. You’ll be less stressed in the lead-up, you’ll put less pressure on yourself, and you’ll find it easier to figure out how you want the day to run rather than being bound to some concept of what a wedding ‘should’ be’.
  • If you have something particularly sentimental or unique that you’d like photographed then be sure to let me know. Could be something DIY or family heirloom etc.
  • Bring a wooden or decorative hanger for the wedding gown photo. This makes for a prettier shot of the wedding dress.
  • The bridesmaids and mother of the Bride should have their hair and make-up finished by the time the bride is ready to put on her dress. Everyone in bride’s prep room should be dressed for this moment otherwise they may be unhappy with the candid photos.
  • Clutter can ruin a great photo. Ask the bridesmaids/groomsmen to put all their belongings in one area, so they are not photographed.
  • Bring a spare invitation, save the date card or other wedding stationary to your prep venue if possible.
  • Something to consider is asking your guests to not take photos during the ceremony. Guests holding up mobile phones (or iPad!!) as you walk down the aisle or flashes going off throughout the vows can ruin the professional shots.
  • Get your guests to throw confetti (make sure it’s paper-based or biodegradable), rose petals etc as you walk back down the aisle. It makes for epic shots.
  • Do up a family shot list + nominated person(s) who will organise them on the day. Large groups working to small.
  • Bring a little picnic for the bridal party to relax before getting photos taken
  • When I’m asked to take funny photos, it's usually a recipe for awkwardness. Just relax, be spontaneous amongst yourselves and we'll capture it.


It’s very natural for people to have a lot of questions when they are getting married as it’s not something that everyone does every day! I hope that the info below is of some use to you, whether you chose to go ahead with my services or not. If there is anything that you require further clarification on that isn’t covered below please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me - I’m more than happy to help, with no sales pitch, I promise.

  • How far in advance do you take bookings, and when should I book?
  • As early as you know your date! Especially if you are planning a wedding for March/April/May or September/October/November as these dates book out. I take bookings as far as 2 years in advance. Around 1 year in advance is when most people book, 6 months or less is getting a little risky but still give it a shot.
  • My fiancé hates having photos taken... can you work with him?
  • I love it when people ask this and the answer is a resounding YES. I specialise in drawing out natural emotion, and I have a few tricks for cracking those macho-men or shy-girls that hate posing for photos (it's very much a less-is-more approach).
  • Who edits all the images?
  • Me. I've actually been using Photoshop since 2000. I now use Lightroom most of the time and Photoshop for those tricky edits. By doing the editing myself, I can control the image from start to finish. I know the capabilities and limitations of my gear and software right the way through, which means I have more confidence even in tricky situations.
  • When will we receive our images?
  • Usually between 4-6 weeks after your wedding - depending on the time of year, how many other weddings I am covering etc. Once the images are edited, I design your album and it takes approx. 2 weeks at the printers.
  • How many photos do I receive? Who chooses them?
  • The final image count will depend on the package you select - the general rule: the longer I shoot, the more photos you receive. I choose the images you receive and I don't limit the amount to any predetermined number - nor do I make you purchase more for an extra fee. You receive all the images from the day that turned out how I anticipated and all of those are edited to be their best. Remember - it's best to have quality not quantity.
  • What happens to the images we don’t get?
  • Images that are not included are just the 'duds'. They're either double-ups (I can get trigger happy sometimes) or were technically poor images (too dark, too light, someone pulling an unflattering face etc, etc, etc). These shots aren't worth viewing and are deleted from my computer so they don't take up disc space.
  • Black and white images?
  • In the final album you'll receive a mix of colour and black and white images. It's about 90/10 colour to b&w by my estimates. Sometimes images just look better in b&w and these are selected at my discretion.
  • Will you post some of our photographs online?
  • I would really love to. Straight after the wedding I like to post a sneak peek slideshow. This helps you keep feeling buzzed out about the wedding for a bit longer, and it shows my followers what I've been up to. Later, some weddings are selected for my blog; where a selection of 50-100 images are used to showcase my work
  • Do we need to feed you?
  • I would really love it if you could feed me please - but only if I'm staying after dinner. I keep myself going on my own snacks and water during the day.