Season Guide Valerie Shannon Photography

Let me help you decide what season is best for your senior session! If you can't decide, you can always book more than one senior session and get the best of both worlds!

June, July and August

Pros: You won't have to get out of school early so you'll be less rushed and hurried. You will have photos from your senior session to start posting before you even head back to school and be able to post them all year long! YAY! June is usually not too hot and is my personal favorite. Lots of wildflowers during all of these months, green grass fields, beautiful golden light and magical sunsets! Summer sessions are extremely popular every year because of the gorgeous flowers, and sunlight and warm temps!

Cons: July and August can get HOT. We take it slow and have water and cool down breaks in the car when needed, but if your face sweats easily (like mines dow) this is not for you. Summer storms sometimes make us reschedule.

All of these photos were taken in June, July or August!


Pros: Beautiful weather! Not to hot or to cold! This is the most versatile month of the year! You can wear summer outfits and fall outfits and both make sense and work and we can find great locations! Sometimes you'll still get some flowers. Everything is still nice and green!

Cons: Usually not as many flower options as in the summer and no leaves are changing colors yet. You would probably have to get out of school early for your senior session.

All of these photos were taken in September!

October - November

Pros: Cooler weather! You can layer up with scarves and boots! Beautiful muted colors if we use fields. You MAY get amazing fall colors towards the end of October/beginning of November!

Cons: Fall colors are not guaranteed. Some years are vibrant and some are not. It's a gamble! It can get cold and windy. If you can't handle the cold do not book in late October or November! Every year I have one girl who has goose bumps and is shaking life a leave because she is so cold! You will be miserable! Book in the summer or September instead! Rescheduling may happen due to wind and cold temps. You will most likely have to get out of school a whole day or half day as the sun sets early in the fall so we have to start earlier in the afternoon!

All of these photos were taken in October and November!

March- April

Pros: Generally sunny with beautiful weather! Flowers will start to bloom late March and into April and can be absolutly gorgeous! You will get your photos in time to still have them at your grad party! Yay!

Cons: It can be cold and we may have to reschedule due to spring showers. There is no way to know when/if flowers will bloom in time for your session. You won't have photos to post all year long because you waited until spring to take them.

All of these photos were taken in March or April

Did you decide which season is perfect for you? Great! Click below to pick your perfect date!