Ketha Houses By: Saletha Herrell and Kayla Locke


In order to keep outside dogs healthy and safe during the different seasons Ketha Houses use recycled plastic, insulators, Air Conditioning System, Heaters, a food and water dispenser, as well as a camera. Next, there is going to be a food and water dispenser that are both five gallons so you aren’t going outside everyday to change the water. To help the dog’s water stay cold in the summer and not frozen in the winter we have a removable insulator around the water dispenser, along with a seal to keep the water from getting leaves or bugs in it. The Ketha Houses will also have a built in camera so that you can watch how your dog is doing. Thus, the Ketha Houses are an effective way to help your outside animals in the different weather.

Present Technology

With the present technology most people have heaters for their dog’s houses, but what if the dog house already has a heater plus an Air Conditioner? Well that’s what the Ketha house does, it also has a food and water dish. Some people can’t have their dog inside, but they don’t have a heated dog house for their dog so they put straw in the dog house. I admit the straw does help but it’s not as efficient as a heated dog house.


In the beginning, dogs were loyal to the Egyptians and were high esteem pets, as well as hunting animals. They were used for messengers too. The Egyptians kept their dogs in mud-brick kennels and were known to have protect the Egyptians. Dog houses date back to the early times all around the globe, back when Romans, Chinese, and Greece had the dogs they slept under the owner's roof. Although, for every dog that has a home there is one that doesn’t and that’s when actual dog houses came to be. The first dog houses that came to be were made out of any material the owner could find. Eventually, the dog houses became mass productions in factories made from plastic, wood, or some type of hard material. These dog houses were not very protective and didn’t have a very good shelter for the animals. Last but not Least, dog houses aren’t just about the animals, it’s also about the owners, it has to be able to work for both of them.

Future Technology

In the future we would like for everyone who has an outside dog to have our house. Our house would be different though, it would have a scanner to scan the dog and tell how thick the dog’s coat is so the dog won’t get too hot in the dog house. On the other hand in the summer it would cool the dog down but it will check the temperature of the doghouse every ten minutes. We also would like it to have a water warmer and cooler to keep the water at a compatible temperature.


Some things that need to happen to make our technology a reality would be temperature scanner to scan the dog’s temperature so that it can adjust the temperature of the dog house. Another thing that we would need is a more efficient camera so the dog can’t damage the lens or the camera itself. Better insulators would be nice, but it’s not necessary. We don’t have any dog beds in the dog house but adding one in the future that had heated pads and a heated blanket would be nice as well. Along with dog toys that have treats in them so the dog will enjoy it’s time in the house.

Design Process

It took us a while but we finally came up with the Ketha house. At first we were going to do a wheelchair but then we learned that our version of the wheelchair was already invented so we had to move on to the dog house. We started with the attachments but then we thought that we should just make a dog house that already comes with the attachments that we made. The first one was a water dish that kept the water from freezing in cold temperatures. We came up with a removable insulators that attached to the dish. The insulators are removable so you can remove them in warmer weather so your dog’s water isn’t warm. The next attachment was a food dish because we thought, ‘can’t have water without food’ so poof, we added a food dish. Soon after we added the shape of the dog house. We picked a dome shape because we thought that it would fit the dog better since most dogs lay in a circular shape. Next we added the insulators to the walls to keep the house warm since it’s made out of recycled plastic. So in a sense the dog house is kind of eco friendly. Lastly we added a camera so the dog’s owner can check up on him/her. We debated on the camera for a while because it would just make people lazier and make the dog lonely. Eventually we convinced ourselves that it could have some pluses as well.


There are positive and negatives to every invention. In our case it’s the camera. The camera is a good way for owners to keep an eye on their dogs but it can also cause laziness. People can start watching their dogs from cameras instead of interacting with them physically, hence why we argued for a bit before adding this feature. The next negative consequence would be the food and water dishes. We don’t have timers on the feeders, instead we have buttons for the dogs to push when they're hungry. This is good and bad, if the dogs hungry they can feed themselves but sometimes they can over eat. With the water dish they can make a mess in their dog house which will force the owners to clean it up. On the other hand, cleaning the dog house will also make the owner interact with their pets. As you can see there are reasons we added the different attachments. As for the dome shape, it can be hard to move at times but overall, most dogs sleep in a circular shape so you can see why we choose the dome.


Created with images by Gnilenkov Aleksey - "Husky dog" • twoody291 - "DSC_0916" • xMizLitx - "Zoom in the Woods (2)" • Ida Myrvold - "DUDES" • Gnilenkov Aleksey - "Husky dog" • Dan Harrelson - "Rusty on his dog house" • simpleinsomnia - "Woman chained and laying in a dog house" • Lightroom Brasil - "untitled image" • Flashpacking Life - "Bottle Doghouse" • 422737 - "measuring station hydrometer thermometer" • Sultry/sulky/silly - "House series- redo - WIP" • Roger Casado - "positive and negative..."

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