My Grade 9 Self Robyn graber


I would consider myself to be somewhat active. There has never been a year where Ihave not participated in a sport in town. I have been a part of the listowel twisters(soccer team) since kiddie kickers. Soccer has always been my annual spring-summer sport, and in the winters I like to experiment. I did ballet for about 3 years at the listowel school of dance. I was apart of 4H for about 2 years and did a number of active life courses. I also took place in Karate at the Listowel Dojo for about 3 years. Other than soccer my absolute favourite activity is going to camp kintail each and every summer.


My scores we’re decent, most stayed around the same as last time. The most drastic change was in the pull-up hold. I went from around 5-7 seconds to 13-15 seconds. That may not seem like much of an improvement, but I think the reason I did better was because I did that activity last(other than the 12 minute run). Since I did it last, I saw that I wasn’t improving as much as I would like and I pushed myself more than the first time.


I personally think the hardest part of learning a new sport is all of the different techniques. Although in some sports, techniques like hold the stick some certain ways are “easier” than others, sometime it's difficult remembering the ball can’t touch your feet, or you can’t hold your stick on the left side even if you are left-handed. For me personally I found that I was touching the ball with my feet more than I probably should have. I’ve played soccer since kiddie kickers and I had trouble with the fact that there’s no feet-ball contact whatsoever.


If I participated on the Listowel lightning track and field team, I would take part in triple jump. Even though I didn't have the best distance in the class there are many ways to improve, such as running harder/faster, practice, practice, practice. When it comes to track and field practice is one of the most important things, getting the right footing, taking off at the same spot each time to know how far you travel each and every time.


First off you would place the ball on the ground, then you stand about a meter behind the ball. Then you lean forward in the “downward dog” yoga position and grab the ball with both hands, the ball is still on the ground and as you're leaning on it. Then the quarterback will be about 2-3 meter behind you and once you are in position, throw the ball through your legs and straight to the quarterback's chest. It may take a couple of tries to get it directly to their chest.


I think that volleyball is an all around likable sport because it is easy to do at anytime, anywhere, and with as many people as you would like. It’s also relaxing, at some points you stand out(and that makes a lot of people feel uncomfortable) but mostly the game is about teamwork. Your team becomes one and it makes you feel as though you're really part of something. Also anyone can play, it may take awhile or even never look like the all-stars, but almost anything goes, and can be played on.


I prefer doubles over singles. In doubles you know your partners got your back and you’ve got theirs. Rather than having to dive for the birdie each and every time, you can take a breather and regain your energy. It’s a lot easier because there are so many strategies you and your partner can use like front and back court or left and right court. It makes you feel like part of a team rather than alone and out in the open.


I think it’s very important to know how to make decision off the top of your head. Even though you may not have to make decision so quickly every time, when it comes to high school it is a good quality to have. Sometimes you may be faced with question that you would rather have time to think on, but you can’t always expect the person to wait all day. In high school you may be faced with offerings of booze at a party or getting in the vehicle while a drunk driver is behind the wheel.


My advice to the grade 8s about high school, is to really get involved. I’m not only talking about the extracurricular aspect of high school, I’m talking about everything. Get involved in your classes, if you're shy, I totally understand. But do your best to show your teachers what you know. Also do your best to get on your teacher's good side. Do not be the kid who the teacher picks on and you have know idea what they are talking about. Ask for help when needed, and ask questions. Learn in class. Get involved in your classes and do well..

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