A day in my life as a sixth grader By: Mersadies Miravalle

Me get out of bed then fall and think if I should go to school
walking to school

So after I get up and get dressed, I walk down to get out to go to school around 7:20

walking across the road (I looked both ways )

so then I get down the two sets of steps.and then start walking to school

I´m 1 1/2 block away from school !! YEAH

then I walk and walk and walk until I get to school.

this is my open locker

I tried 2 times to open my locker the last time I did so then i put my stuff away and walk around the diamond

P.E at 8:00

P.S P.E is awesome but not as much as Mr. Abbate! sometimes P.E is tiring


Second period is when I learn a little bit more about math!

3rd period

Third period is social studies . Were learning about the empires of the mesopotamia two different ones.

Math period. This is Mr. Guzman class he teaches us math.


This is SCIENCE!! . I like science... its fun I like learning about organelles.


This is the cafeteria its were we get FOOD!!


Language Arts with my favorite teacher Mr.Abbate . We learn how write poems


TECH with Mr.Abbate . I like doing tech its fun we learned how to download pictures

me walking home

And then its the same thing day after day. JUST KIDDING

Ayla Spent the night. And then we went outside and ate funyuns
STOP. Your to funny

Me eating dinner BTW spaghteios . Then I go upstairs

BED TIME!!!!!!!!

Next I lay in bed for 30 minutes then I go to sleep.

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Mersadies Miravalle

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